Follow up to feeling cold

Thanks for all the replies to my post about Sue feeling cold since her SAH, I noted down all the points raised we went off to the doctor last friday. I asked about her thyriod if it could be the cause and some of the other points, he said the thyriod had been checked it was OK and he still thought it was the menopause. Anyway Sue wasn't convinced so today i rang the hospital and spoke to the nerurovascular clinical nurse practitioner ( quite a title eh ), explained to her the symptoms and the first thing she said was menopause without me mentioning what the doctor had told us.She said that we should get in contact with the doctor again ask for a hormone check, check the pituitary gland make sure that was working properly as that is linked to the hypothalamus which in turn controls the body temperature. I asked if the hypothalamus could of been damaged by the amount of blood that had entered the brain and she said that was a possibility but if it had it would rectify its self and that she hadn't heard of anyone else presenting with these symptoms before ie( feeling cold alot of the time ). So still no further forward really just back to the doctors to ask for more tests. Actually i think i know why she is so cold lack of blood the amount she has had taken out of her body over the last 6 months Best Wishes to everybody John & Sue. PS. did look into the cinnamon tablets that was mentioned but in the side effect list it said that they thin the blood so i wasn't sure whether that was a good idea or not

i was told that the midle of the foerhead has a gland i forget the name but that controls temp also.

Hi John, I did not know that cinnamon was a blood thinner. Is that bad for people with brain aneurysms. Ruptured or unruptured?
I hope Sue gets some answers soon.


I was reading up of the side effects of cinnamon it said it may have anti cloting properties and can cause over thinning, if you are taking blood thinners as well which she isn't. But also said that large doses should not be used before surgery, or where a lot of bleeding may occur,so i thought best play it safe, it a shame because it sounded as it could of been quite usefull.



I am not positive but i think that may be the pituitary gland it secretes hormones to the hypothalamus which in turn controls your temperature it also controls about nine different things in your body hope i got that right.


Hi John, I'm freezing, it's winter here and I can find no solution either, please give my best to Sue

Shauna (((((((HUG)))))))))

Hi John, I also feel cold a lot of the time even when my children say it is really hot in my house, I thought it was down to my inactivity and the fact that I live alone and therefore not a lot of body heat in my house, I will also try and investigate this with my GP, healing hugs Jill xx

Yes for the first six months after being coiled aspirin and all other blood thinning components can cause trouble with annie coil

Beata; do you still take aspirin or any other drugs?

Did the cold weather bother you this winter/spring?


I still am told by neuro doc not to take aspirin until August, and I am still having trouble getting warm. The only medication I am on is a blood pressure med and a cholestrol med.

When this Journey of mine started and I had the worse headache of my Life and hubby took me to ER...this is what I was told seems to be the catch~all answer...and Guess what...??? well u turned out to be 2 brain aneurysm's ... not Menopause... I know I am in the stages of Menopause and I must tell you something...cold temp seems never to be a symptom...but "Hot Hot Flashes"... I think it is good to have the Hypothalmus checked...sometimes I really donot think the Doctors know what comes after the surgery of brain aneurysm...because it is such a complex area...~ just my 2 cents...keep us posted...Colleen


It's funny that you should mention about the doctors not knowing what comes after the surgery because that is almost what the doctor was saying on wednesday when we saw him. As you say Colleen they seem to put everything down to menopause, Sue has suffered from the effects of menopause for about eight years now ,and feeling cold was not one of the symtoms until after the SAH. We have just had a big news story the last couple of days about how stroke patients of which aneurysm and haemorrhage patients come under that catagory feel they are neglected after they have been discharged from hospital, and that there after care is very poor and we can totally identify with this, you need to fight every step of the way if you don't speak up it's taken that you are coping ok. Does this seem to be the same in America, i hope you are keeping well best wishes John & Sue

Oh Yes John...American is no different...and I hate to say this, but I think we have become a society of suing and suing...and therefore, Doctors are so hesitant with everything...sometimes I feel they don't want to commit...does this make sense? ~ We as patients eventually just "give up"...infact, we have a Doctor show on TV...called the "Dr. OZ" show...I think I watched a handful of times...he always says, "we are our best medical advocate"...I want to scream and say..."BS"... if we say too much about ourselves we are looked at as "agressive or know it alls"...if we don't say enough we are looked at "all is fine"...there has to be a happy medium...My husband often says I should fight for peoples rights in America for health issues...I tell him often since all of this brain journey...I have no fight left...sad but true...I am always hanging in there John and trying to love each moment of the day ~ I keep you and my often in my thoughts and prayers ~ Cyber~hugs your way ~ Colleen are so right in your opinion; (am I qualfied for my opinion here?).

BS is the business standard... jogs my dilbertese; i.e likely proximal and dystal to, and presumably, not consistent to medicalese...

Staring at an expression of complexity on a face like Dr O may trigger total confusion and forgetfulness; reversing the results of a month's therapies...

When a patient "gives up" it is likely for insignificant and unremarkable issues to not gain any advocacy. Mediums are not always Happy...

As for brain journey, we all have it, w/tributaries and lanes; re-paving around the spoiled sites/layers can be done; tho it takes a long time; and, does not replace, fill, or paint over the damaged sites especially w/continued atrophy. Again, my personal opinion.

One of these days: "a picture is worth a thousand words" and, yet "one picture will not tell the full story" and on down to 3D Reconstruction CT/MR and DSA...for detailed, clear images/frames whch likely will not display re-paved routes.

Colleen, together, we all have probably shared 799.9 issues/items...anticpiate it can reach a thousand or more; then perhaps, some day compiled and reduced by numbers...

Hugs and prayers for your continued strength and your commitment...



Yes i think your right the doctors are wary to say anything that can be used against them nowadays, UK is following in your footsteps there are adverts on our television now by firms of solicitors,and the catch phrase is" where there's blame there's a claim". I did use to keep quite and except what the doctors told me but now i am beginning to change and thats why i like this web site its being able to post questions and get lots different opinions that i can put to the doctors. I know it must be tough trying to deal with the illness every day and trying to fight for your rights i know Sue wouldn't be able to do it. Having what you and Sue have had definitely focuses your mind on what things are important in life, and how our lives have an effect on so many other peoples lives ie children, parents and friends,six months ago i was blissfully unaware just how our lives were about to change forever.Well i hope you continue to enjoy every moment of every day for a long long time to come and we will do the same. Best Wishes John & Sue