I have to ask

did any of us ladies get thrown into our change of life after our rupture? I’m sorry to ask but i’m hot , lol the dr says no and the blood test say no but i’m hot.

I did not have a rupture, but, I do have the same problem with my body temp. I get hot and cold. It’s started after the surgery, liquid embolization, and the dr. says no as well. Guess it is a side effect for us ladies.

Hi Laurie,

Not thrown into the change of life, but would just like to say. you go girl, there's nothing wrong with thinking oneself is Hot and don't let anyone tell you any different...... Tee hee :)

I didn’t have surgery yet. Still living with my aneurysm. But when I thought I was going through the change I wasn’t. It was adrenal fatigue. Most medical doctors wont admit its a real condition. I am proof that it is. Within in a week of taking supplements my hot flashes were gone and never came back.

i'm gonna go and go, out run the energizer bunny, lol.

thanks everyone

Hi Laurie…I am 46 years old…and for 3 years I had bad hot flashes, turns out it wasn’t hot flashes but high Bp with an annie that was starting to leak…after surgery … big difference, not Hot all they time, but recently, I have been feeling like I am going through the change…