I'm 21 (yrs) ...My mother (48yrs) suffered a ruptured Brain Aneurysm Friday night, she had a Craniotomy on Saturday morning, the surgeon said the surgery went perfect, he clipped the Aneurysm (size of a quarter) and got rid of 2 blood clots that had formed in the Brain, she had a ventriculostomy done saturday night, theres a bag next to her bed that has the the fluid thats being extracted from her brain at the moment... they said everything is going normal so far. I'm so scared. i dont know what to think. Everything i read online seems negative. I really hope she makes it through this!

Hi Ant ... It is so hard to see a loved one sick...but after a ruptured aneurysm it can be devestating... please remember her brain needs time to heal...and it needs lots of rest ... this is a long journey...but if you read stories at this site ... you will see it is doable ... right now...mom needs lots of love and know that the smallest things that improve are and can be truly the biggest things...~ Gotcha in my prayers...~ Colleen

Oh you poor thing :-(

Colleen is right what your Mom needs now is lots of love, rest and support!

The stories you read on this site prove that there is alot of positive!

Be strong for your Mom and yourself..Your in my prayers.



Hello Ant,

I agree with everything that everybody has said so far, You will find over the coming months this website will be a great help to you when you feel down, worried or have got any questions however trivial you may think they are about your mum, you will find all the answers here because everybody on this site has been in your position at some point in the past. You will need to be patient though, your mum has been though one hell of a trauma and it affects people in different ways and the healing time differs from person to person and remember to look after yourself your no go to anyone if you start getting run down we are all thinking of you and your mum. Best Wishes John & Sue

hi ant-everyones comments are excellant but i just want to offer some advice-stay away from the negative stuff online that you mentioned-don't even go there-you are really vulnerable at this stage, you need tons of support right now so you also can weather the storm. Be strong you can do this-if you need to vent as many do here (including myself) feel free to do so- i am so glad youre here since this site has helped me in so many ways since my SAH,so Accentuate the positive-they said everything is normal so we must trust the professionals the ARE very good at what they do. It is darkest right before the dawn. Please keep in touch- we care,sending prayers for your mom & her family-i have great hope for her-keep the faith,remember to be patient and keep praying

Ant my heart goes out to you. I remember when I was in your shoes, except I was the mother and it was my child with the aneurysms, I was stuck in a nightmare for hell. I didn't know anything about aneurysms, or surviving one, all I knew is that it was a very bad thing. I totally understand that you feel blinded and the best thing you can do is the educate yourself. Once you know more about aneurysms you will see that their is hope. Right now you mom needs lots of love, support and prayers. With the power of pray miracles DO happen, trust me I saw it happen with my daughter. Never give up your faith. I wish I could be there with you but do know I am there in spirit.

hey im 22 and when i was 15 my mum had a brain aneurysm, 7 years on and she's doing great back to work and leading a normal life, she's even training to run a marathon this year! It's the worst thing in the world when your mum is so ill, i think your mum will do great ignore all of the negative things you read on the internet. If i could give you any advice at this moment in your mums recovery it would be to talk! Get everything out in the open, talk to friends, relatives or whoever you can open up to, i kept my emotions bottled up and it did me no favours what so ever. A few after my mums illness i started to talk to friends more about what happened and it wasn't until then that i started feeling better... Don't be afraid to get your emotions out there, people who really care about you will listen.

Dear Ant, I feel for you. I cannot compare my situation to your mother's because I am going to have a procedure soon, but I have a son. My son is close to your age and he is very scared of the unknown. As we all are. Please know that the feeling of fear is normal. For you to admit you are scared shows strength. My son told me everybody keeps telling him to think positive and be strong for me but he doesn't feel that way. It's okay to recognize your feelings and try to work with them. It doesn't mean you are weak. If you have someone close to you who understands please talk to them. I know it helped my son talking to me honestly about it. I also agree with Ron stay away from the negative information. Reading all these wonderful peoples experience. Feeling the compassion and love of strangers who keep reaching out to me gives me strength and hope! I hope it does the same for you!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you! Much Love! M.E.

hey everybody thanks for the support and advice! i feel much better after reading what you guys had to say! today i woke up feeling positive! i know my mom will get thru this! quick update; there hasn't been no changes... she had a slight fever today (101) but the doctors said that although there hasn't been no changes she's doing better ? .

they said she has good movement on her right side... no movement on the left side of her body


It may be that that it just going to take a little longer to return on the left side . I know with my wife that she had good movement on the left but the right took about a week or so before we notice any movement on the right and it still a little weeker but with physio they are building the muscles up again . But don't worry about that at the moment the main thing she is hanging in there and it's good the read that you are in a more positive frame of mind .Hope you have got other family with you keep up the positive thoughts . John & Sue

I agree with everyones posts---prayer, positive thoughts and miracles DO happen--my best to your mothers recovery-Dana

hey guys tomorrow makes a week. mom is in icu still... doctors said she's going to be there atleast 14 days maybe more... she opened her eyes yesterday she was really drowsy.. she was trying to talk but couldn't talk im guesing its because of that tube that she has going down her throat... very little movement... moves her right leg a bit and only her right hand...nothing on the left yet... she looked very confused. we were talking to her and she started tearing so i guess she understands us... i told her to squeeze my hand and she did so. theyre still draining fluid from her brain... she had a ct scan today it came back normal... thank god.. got to take it day by day! and stay positive!!


That is really great news and really good that you were there when she woke up and she could see and hear familiar sights and sounds around her.This positive attitude is definately working for you keep it up, all of us here are thinking of you and your mum. I used to have to put my ear right next to my wifes mouth to hear what she was saying that went on for three weeks so don't worry patience thats the key.

John & Sue


Glad to hear the good news!!!! It seems slowly but surely positive changes are coming!!! They say "Patience is sour but its fruit is sweet". Hang in there!! Thinking of and yours and praying......


Hi Ant,

Just wanted to check on you and your mother. You are both in my prayers! Hugs!!!..ME

Hey guys it’s been 20 days mom is still in icu she’s been stable everything’s been going good… Today she’s going to get surgery again… (cranioplasty) she still has no movement on her left side… but anyway my biggest concern now is her mental state… She talks and responds but she says really random things? Like yesterday she said a certain person was in the room (my sister) but she wasn’t in the room… And we asked her today if she remembered us visiting her yesterday and she said no…

Hi Ant,

What your Mums name? I will say a prayer and light a candle for you and your Mum. So sorry Ant but stay strong. I am sure all will be well. Huggs!

Hi:) How is your mom doing? My mom had a ruptured Brain Aneurysm on April 9th of this year so I know exactly what you are going through. It's so scary, I thought she wasn't going to make it, not many people do from what I read. She did survive and is recovering well. She was in the ICU for about a month and went to rehab for about another month. You and your mom are in my thoughts and prayers.

Totally agree with everyone on here. It's a long journey and brain needs some time to heal. I am also a survivor. I had craniotomy in 2007 and 2009. Your mom needs lots of love of support. Sending prayers your way.