Headaches at night?!

Hello all, My boyfriend mike had a SAH 3 months ago, luckily the symptons were clear he was screaming with a headache all of sudden on the couch and then began vomitting, i took him tothe hospital they did a ct scan and 3 days later he had a craniotmy to clip a small annie then found in the front lobe. He spent 5 weeks in the hospital and then returned home. He started back at work as welder 4 weeks ago, he isnt on any medications, and minus his moodiness and memory problems he is pretty much the same as before...until last sunday. He began getting bad headaches around 3am, since then he gets them every night around the same time. His surgeon is away on hoildays so i decided he take the week off work. I can't figure out why he is getting them, trying to elimnate certian things...any suggestions?!

you can always take him back to the hospital and get rescaned, some of us do get headaches forever.


Has there been a reduction in nightly headaches since taking the week off from work? Some morning headaches/migraines especially those that begin around 4:00AM are closely tied to sleep wake hormones naturally produced at that time. Let me know the answer to the question above as it might provide an alternative suggestion.