Head Trauma

I was wondering if anyone here has had an aneurysm caused by head trauma. If your response is no think back to any incidents, re head trauma, you may have had prior. Bear in mind it could have been many years earlier.

Hey Noel,

When I was 7 years old I did an accidental flip off my skateboard , the first thing to hit the pavement was the back of my head...ouch.

The next whammo came when I was asleep in a motel room on vacation.at age 32....someone broke into the motel room and took something blunt and wacked me straight in the forehead (Maybe I was going to awaken?) don't know, but I do know that I took one hell of a cold, hard hit. My Neurosurgeons don't think these things had anything to do with my annies though...

hi janet

the neuro people are just starting to become aware that these things can happen from head trauma. they start off with what they call weak spots and grow over time. may i ask if you have any other so called weak spots. if i was to hazzard a guess i would say no. i have had many years to ask of this and in the beginning there answer was no but they are starting to come around. i have noticed that many specialists in the states are in agreement that this could be the case. many more in fact than here in australia. do you have a family history of them. i hope they got the mongrel that hit you by the way.

You know, I would sure think that by getting hit hard enough in the head the very real possibility would be that an aneurysm could form due to the concussion and force effect of whatever it is that nailed you...I agree...I've got a great rand dad who they believe died via an aneurysm bleed in his 40's and a great uncle who died suddenly in his early 50's of a cerebral hemmorage, so i'm guessing mine might be something that my family passed along (I've had two, one in 1998 and another in 2006) Not the greatest gift to inherit but what can you do, right?

oh and no, to this day that motel-hell thing has never been figured out. It has gone down in my history as one of those things that I'll never know the truth of --I awoke a bloodied mess, my hair (which is brownish blond) seriously looked as though I'd dyed it completely red, I had a huge knot about the center of my forehead, (which didn't hurt if you can imagine that??) and no headache --yet tender to the touch/looked pretty wild. I do know that I'll never agree on renting a downstairs, end unit motel room next to an ally, one with adjoining room doors)! really, beyond weird.

the weird thing is if you were to die after a head trauma on the table they would take the top off your head and say it was a hemmorage that took you. there would be no mention of the word aneurysm. that's why I am a little bit peeved. to my way of thinking the big A stops us from bleeding.

When I was about 8 years old a school yard incident left me concussed. I hit the back of my head really hard on concrete and was knocked out immediately. I stayed home for a few days and that was that. My aneurysm was discovered after an episode of transient global amnesia.

Funny you should ask this question Noel...my mom and I were talking about this other day and she told me she hadn't remembered, but when I was 5 years old I fell backwards on a swing and hit my head on the ground...blacked out for a bit...but like things in my era...if you were fine and could count your fingers and toes, etc., you were fine...nothing a little ice bag couldn't cure...~ Colleen

wow noel! flashback time! when I was 8 I ran into the backswing of a croquet mallet- i'll never forget my moms shriek of horror as I walked into the house all bloody, don't know how I made it home on foot by myself. My surgeon said I had it since birth but im not so sure, God knows how many times I hit my head. Also I recall cellar doors blowing shut giving me a good welt. This is a fascinating topic thanks for posting- I would love to know the truth, was it forefathers tobacco abuse(my theory)-I was smoking second hand while still in the womb!!!-or- getting cracked in the head??? Either way I should have been screened at age 20, 30 , 40 imo. Interestingly enough I was never asked if I hit my head or when I started smoking etc etc, have a great day my new found friend!

I totaled my van in April got a pretty good goose egg on my forehead. I had no symptoms until Mid July...finally when I had double vision I got things checked out...bamb! 2.1 centimeter, pipeline procedure August 13 now recovering


if genetics are involved that is one thing. however to me it does not rule head trauma out. when there has been no other signs in your family we must seriously look at trauma. as good as some specialists are i believe they should start looking at this. the first question after diagnosis the registrar asked me was had i fallen down stairs, hit my head etc. as i was in a delusional state i answered no. some three years later my wife remembered the car accident. there it was. i think folks need to know if its due to genetics or head trauma. my initial response was why had my parents done this to me. that was an unfair judgement on my behalf but that was how i reacted. i now know it was not genetic but caused by other means.

Hi Noel, an interesting discussion, I have not had a head injury that I can recall, neither has my sister, who also has 2 unruptured aneurysms, however my brother who passed away from SAH was hit by a car 5 years prior to his SAH, even though they did CAT scans at the time because of head injuries they never discovered his aneurysm. After his accident he totally recovered but took a payout and set up his own business. His SAH was very unexpected as was the discovery our aneurysms.

hello everyone

firstly let me thank each and every one of you for your input. I am in awe at the response. if I could just go back a bit and tell you that when I had my clipping they loaded me , as I am sure they did all of you with heparin to stop clots from forming. I ended up clotting from my groin to my toes in my right leg. they later found out I had what they call h.i.t. that's when you you have a reaction to heparin and it does the opposite of what it should do. I have since had a fem pop bypass from my groin to my ankle as there was no other way of unblocking it. on that occasion I was given heparin and the bypass blocked 10 hours later. I have had 20 procedures since to try and save my leg.it was after the 15th time they realized I had h.i.t. they finally listened to my wife who was telling them all along that I had h.i.t. before they ceased giving me heparin I was having another of my 25 angiograms when the metre long wire the used expelled itself so fast out of my body that it scored my artery in my groin causing another annie. I was rushed to emergency surgery to have it repaired. I have had 3 other annies in my leg caused by trauma from angiograms. luckily they were not large and dissipated over time. so if I am asked could you get an annie from trauma I would not say I think so, I would say absolutely. I will continue to fight the fight as I do not like unfairness. I have been told if there was no history in my family mine is not genetic. will leave it for now and thank you all again.

by the way h.i.t stands for heparin induced thrombocytopenia

I got kicked in the head by a drunk 8 years ago and had SAH 2009 any help? I just rolled myself up into a ball when being kicked. grrrr