Do aneurysms go away?

Ok. So 5-years ago i had an MRI and a 2-mm aneurysm was discovered. Just last week I had a follow in MRA and my brain was normal. No aneurysm.

Of course I am pretty happy but I was wondering if Anyone else heard of or experienced such a thing.

Headbomb...while I was in the hospital...the daughter of friends fainted in her heavy duty exercise...

She was at a diff hospital from me...they did discover an aneurysm...and, before getting into treatment, it as gone...The doctors involved were surprised... and, they did tell her to reduce her exercise... thus far, she has not had any recurrence over 12 years...Tho I also do not know the initial diagnosed size of hers and, if they were planning specific treatment...or just to monitor it or whatever...

This is the only one I have ever heard of...before thank you for sharing.

It sounds like a great blessing. Hooray for you.

Sounds like a victory. The human body is amazing.

Headbomb, here’s a study that suggests yes, with another cited in the Discussion. They do recommend follow up as this is extremely rare. Did the Neurosurgeon want to go in and look?

Moltroub: a study? Do you have a link? Also, nobody has suggested “going in”. Thanks everyone for the feedback and kind words. Hope others have this experience. I still have health worries about other things but it seems the aneurysm is one less thing.

Wow, I have never heard of that. That's fantastic news for you Headbomb.