Have any of you ladies gone on to have a baby post-coiling?

I am curious if any of you ladies have gone on to have children post-coiling, or have received feedback from your dr about doing so.

My physician said that if I look good at my 6 month follow-up, that he doesn't see any problems with me having another baby. He feels he doesn't see me as at risk for developing new annies, and he feels the one I have is likely something I was born with (4.5mm coiled 7 weeks ago). BUT, I am a worrier...and I certainly do not want to risk not being here for my boy (now 18 months old).

The logical answer to my worry would be simple: don't have any more children. And this is an answer I would be comfortable with if not for this twist: we were in the middle of an in-vitro fertilization cycle when my annie was discovered. In fact, the day my annie /SAH presented itself, I had been crying and stressed with the morning's news that I only had one egg fertilize, and I just knew odds were very slim that the embryo would survive the 5 days it needed to grow before transfer back. But the day I was released from SICU from my coiling, I received the amazing news that our embie not only survived but was of high enough quality to cryo-preserve until I was well. I opened the letter that held this news and gave a few nods of acknowledgement, my eyes welled up with tears -of both joy and uncertainty. What a rainbow at the end of our storm. My husband also soaked it in quietly with a nod and said "okay". I folded up the letter and put it away, he and I both unsure of what the future would dictate.

My beliefs hold that that embie is a already a life, a life I want to give a chance. In many ways, that embie actually saved my own life. Had my husband not phoned that fertility nurse with my symptoms, I may have just as well tried to sleep off the pain. She was my angel that day by telling me to get to the ER, and so was that baby. Had we not tried to have another baby, we may have never discovered the annie until perhaps it was too late.

I had just about decided that surrogacy, as completely foreign as it seems to me, may be the best option to investigate. But then my neurosurgeon later shocked me with that news that he thinks pregnancy would be fine. Now my head is spinning again. But I am trying to hold it steady until my 6 mo angio. At that point if all is well, I will get as many opinions as I can before we move forward on anything. Apparently MRI and MRA do not have harmful radiation and could be used for monitoring my annie if needed (though I got the impression he didn't think it necessary). And my delivery would have to be c-section anyway due to past uterine surgeries.

Anyway....I apologize for such a long post of so much detail, but I felt my question needed a little more explanation of where I am coming from. I know it may sound like weird science, so I hope I have not put anyone off by that...but IVF has been a true blessing to our family. Thank you in advance for any feedback you might be able to provide....

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HI Sweetie...

I wish I could help you out...I was 46 years old when I was coiled, to old to conceive...I hope someone here can help you out ~ Cyber~prayers your way ~ Colleen

Hi Cindy,

It's funny that you ask this as I was just going to ask the same thing! I haven't been on in awhile so forgive me for only coming when I need answers! I had a very easy successful coiling in November of 2011... Easy as far as aneurysms go I suppose. It was detected from severe headaches and I felt crazy blessed for it to have been diagnosed. I too have a young son- he is now 22 months old. I asked my neurosurgeon at my follow-up appointment six weeks after about pregnancy and he said- no problem... Hmmmm, well I liked the answer but am still nervous. However... it matters not, I am just newly pregnant and am delighted. I believe God helped me to find my aneurysm so I can be a good mother for my son and my baby to come. I pray you come to the right decision- I hope to make it to the webinar tomorrow night so I may be able to ask the other doctors their opinion. Either way we will be having the baby but as to special precautions I might have to take I would like to know. God bless you in your decision and if it helps I'll be your guineau pig:)))


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Hi there I had two clippings and was pregnant within two weeks of the second one. I have two children now my eldest 8 he was the one my midwife wanted me to get rid of as I was pregnant to soon she felt he is fine and so was I. My second one is 4 and I wouldn’t be without either of them.

My advice would be go for it wait until you are well then do it, that baby was the only egg that worked for a reason for you to be a mom again. Just make sure they keep an eye on you this is your second chance at your life follow your heart I did. In my case it didn’t work out with my children’s father, but I wouldn’t change my kids for the world.

Good luck with whatever you decide. Jess.xxx

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While I did not have a coiling, I did have a ruptured aneurysm that required a clipping (craniotomy) and a subsequent permanent shunt placed and within six months was given the green light to try for a baby. We were pregnant within 10 months of the rupture and delivered (by c-section) a healthy baby boy this past January.


Thank you all for your kind replies. All of your notes and encouragement mean so much.

Heather, congratulations on your new pregnancy! So exciting! And thank you for the sweet note offering to be my guinea pig- LOL. While I hate to hear you had to go through this, I am so happy to know I am not alone and to feel I have someone to walk through this with. What a blessing you found your aneurysm and were able to take care of it. I have come to the same feeling that God helped us find the aneurysm before we did get pregnant to help save my life and keep me here for my boy and whatever the future may hold. I shutter to think what may have happened if it had remained undetected and ruptured during pregnancy. Were you able to make the webinar? I’d definitely love to know any advice you receive. I am sure it is hard not to be nervous, but God has brought you to where you are! Prayers everything goes just perfectly - I am sure it will.

Jessica- I am so happy for you and your sweet family. Wow, pregnant within 2 weeks of the second one. You are a very impressive success story! Now that’s a true testament to not letting these annies hold you back! Your note made me tear up when you said this embryo survived for a reason. Thank you. In my heart I feel God would not have let it be if I weren’t intended to see it through. And I am getting braver each day to trust the doctors when I see them this fall. I am so eager for my 6mo angiogram to get here to know everything is ok.

Christine- what a beautiful baby boy. I just love your profile pic. Congratulations! How’s baby sleeping these days? Is he your first? I am so happy everything went so well for you and that you got that green light so soon and with such beautiful outcome. What a blessing!

Jim, any reply from your post to the dr? I found where we can pose questions but couldn’t find if the questions and answers are publicly posted. Thanks so much for submitting the question.

Christine& Jessica- did they do anything to monitor you during pregnancy, or is it not really necessary? Curious if they had any specific advice… I had high blood pressure late in pregnancy and was on bed rest for 5 weeks – I am sure they’d want me to keep close watch on that.

Again, thank you all for taking the time to post your encouragement and to share your own experiences.

Hi there no they just wanted me to get rid of him but when they saw how determined I was to continue my pregnancy there was no extra care at all. I knew we would both be ok. I only went to the hospital four times for whole pregnancy twice for scans 12wks and 20wks just normal and once to check my sugar my own fault I had eaten a box of chocolates before a midwife appointment so my own fault they thought I was diabetic I wasn’t lol and last time in labour lol so try not to worry. Jess.xxx

Ps however if you need to know anything at all through the pregnancy or before and after just ask me I will be about. Jess.xxx

I’m so sorry for the delay. I thought I had posted a reply previously but it must have not gone through. He is my first and he is sleeping great which is helpful because my headaches get bad if I am overly tired. I wasn’t monitored at all during pregnancy. I went to meet with my neurosurgeon once in my second trimester to discuss labor options and once after delivery just to check on symptoms and that was it.

Oh, no worries. It's not like you don't have a million other things to juggle with the little one and all. I am so glad everything went so perfectly with your pregnancy, and interesting to hear so little monitoring needed- that speaks volumes to the confidence of your physician that there truly was so little risk, if any. music to my ears :)

I am starting to feel the butterflies a little as I am at the halfway mark before my 6 mo-angio....just over hopes that all is well, of course. Definitely feeling brave though about moving forward if all goes well at this follow-up. So glad baby is doing well; he is simply beautiful. Babies are such blessings.

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Thank you so much, Jim, for asking him that question. I also saw the reply to your post on "ask the doctor" and really appreciate it. Thank you. The more positive feedback, the more reassuring! I am feeling much for confident in moving forward if my dr's say I look good at my 6mo angio in September. I hope you are doing well; have a great week!

Christine, your story is very encouraging and congratulations. As I wrote in a previous post my wife has a stent not due to an aneurysm but due to complications from a fistula embolism where glue escaped and caused blockage of her middle cerebral artery. We are not sure where to go for community on this but found this forum and it was encouraging to see people dealing with and surviving similar things that we have gone through. The docs are telling us they don't see an issue with pregnancy but we really want to know of other cases where women who have cranial stents, or other similar things (coils, clips, wraps), and have go on to have a baby normally and without serious complication. Ultimately we would just feel better knowing that the vessels themselves are not easily damaged in pregnancy by the stents/clips etc being there while the blood volume increases dramatically. Any advice you can share about what you heard before and during your pregnancy on this? Many thanks!

Hello everyone. I was wondering the update of you Ms. Cindy J.How did everything go? I am too in a silmalier situation. I am 37 years old with four wonderful children. I have a 12 mm MCA that ruptured 7-7-17 and a stroke that followed.I had coiling done. So I was schudule for my 6 month check-up with angiogram on 1-17-18 but they cancelled it due to me just finding out I am 6 weeks pregnant. I am scared and now just waiting to hear from neosurgeon to see if we can go further from here… They mention I might have to give up my baby:( which I am soooo against. I do not believe in that. I’m so confused and scared. This would be my 5 c-section as well. My youngest is 11 years old. So I have waited along time but just nervous on he timing.Does anyone have any experiences that could help me?Or advise…Thank you and praying all is well with everyone going through this…

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Hello Amjc. Congratulations on your pregnancy! I certainly understand your concern; is it possible for you to get a second opinion? I’ve since happened upon so many post-coiling success stories (even non-c-section deliveries). We moved forward with the Frozen Embryo Transfer procedure but we unfortunately were unable to get pregnant. Of course every situation is different but my OB’s plan was to carefully watch my BP had we’d been successful. I found a great survivor group where I’ve seen moms-to-be post similar inquiries and receive good feedback from other coiled and clipped moms. It’s a closed group but if you’d like to join and post your question, the responses might help set you at ease https://m.facebook.com/groups/16316123790. I hope you will also be able to keep us posted here. I am glad to see the bafs site is active; it was certainly a great support to me.

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Cindy J, how lovely of you to come back and share some encouraging words and a great resource for ajmc.

All the best to you in 2018


Thank you. She did reach out to me. Thank you kindly for doing that