Hard day

So far where I live the rains have caused me a real problem for me today. I woke up fine felt good and all of a sudden once the rains came my headache and anxiety came at all at once. Not sure if it’s a trigger for me cause when I have the BA the weather was about the same all those years ago. I need some advice cause when it comes to days like this it feels like its going to happen all over again.

Henry, you really need to learn some relaxation breathing in my opinion. There are a multitude of YouTube videos on different techniques. The one I taught for many years was the one I learned whilst taking a class at Pacific State Hospital back in 1976. Breathe in through your nose all the way to your diaphragm hold for a slow five count and exhale through your mouth. Do this five times. Practice first thing in the morning, before every meal including a snack, when you go to the bathroom and when you get into bed for the night. It won’t hurt to practice other times during the day. I’ve taught this well over a thousand times, I promise if you learn to breathe correctly it will help with stress, lower your blood pressure, slow your pulse down in effect really help your brain.

When I worked with males, I’d have them hold a fist as tight as they could and follow my count. I’d have them use the fingers on the other hand and count it out with my verbal count (you can count in your mind or have someone count for you). The guys really got a kick out of it because they couldn’t keep their fist tight. The reason is because the body relaxes with enough oxygen, when we are stressed, we don’t supply enough to our brain and heart.

Every one of my clients were traumatized and they all had “tells” they had to learn. Some would be a tightening of the stomach, some their jaw, some may get an eye twitch and some would make a fist. As soon as their “tell” would happen, they had to start relaxation breathing so they could counteract what would come from their stressor. I’d suggest you learn yours and every time it even looks like rain is coming, start right away. If you don’t practice a lot, you’ll have a rough time starting when you need it.

Our RN instructor also did guided imagery with us where he took us on a walk up in the mountains on a dirt trail having us look at the trees, the rocks, animals and then a cabin. Each of us finished the story to ourselves when the cabin door was opened. You can find apps that help with guided imagery and I imagine there are some on YouTube as well. They can be very relaxing.

The other thing I learned when dealing with those who have flashbacks is to remind yourself the month, day and year it is now and not then when the trauma occurred. Having a rupture is certainly traumatic, not only for us who experienced one but for our friends and family that truly love us. You need to remind yourself you did survive, you are a survivor. You have overcome many things and you can overcome whatever blocks your way.


Thank you I needed to hear that, I’ve done what you said about the breathing in for 5 seconds and it’s helped.

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I’m glad to read that relaxation breathing has helped! When Dr. Quintero -Wolfe put me on Triple H therapy for the vasospasms it controlled my BP so much the poor RN had to keep upping the dosages. One of the many Doctors (CCU MD) I saw daily came with a Neurologist, hit my foot and said “stop that”. I asked him what he meant and he said, “that breathing”. I asked him if he wanted me to die, as I was quite confused to his request. He did not, he just wanted me to stop relaxation breathing. It was in a battle with the Triple H therapy drugs and my breathing was winning🤣

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Tbh I love watching WWE and Triple H was always one of my favorite wrestler growing up :joy:

Too hilarious!