The Weather & Annies

So I have had headaches for the past 2 days now. can the weather makes these happen? I live in Ohio where it can be 50 one day and below zero the next. I haven't drank or smoked, but was in a room filled with cigarette smoke on new years. Can that be damaging too?

So since I'm having these headaches, I'm taking my prescribed pain meds again. Going to lay down and hope someone answers me soon. The good news is my hair is starting to grow back! LOL

Hi Tina...

I would say it has alot to do with cigarette of my first bad headaches that had me end up in the ER room was a few hours at a Casino...I can no longer go there, because of the smoke filled rooms...I was told that since my coiling I would be dealing with headaches off/on for about 6 mos...the brusing and swelling to brain and the body trying to deal with a foreign matter ... the coils ... I would avoid some things until you are healed ... esp smoking... I am so glad I am not a smoker or around smokers ... but Neurosurgeon told me smoking is the worse thing for annies... Rest and I do hope you feel better ... I feel for you...keep us posted on how you are doing...

Hugs Colleen


I am 10 months out from my last surgery and the changes in barometric pressure definitely still give me headaches. I will always stay away from cigarette smoke! It gave me headaches before and I know it still will! Keep healing :)


Hi Tina, for me the weather affects me greatly from a headache and dizziness standpoint. I really don’t know about the smoke as I am never around it. Good luck, it could still be part of your healing so try not to stress yourself out, if it gets too bad I would go to the ER and I would definately call your doctor tomorrow to see what they say.

Tina, I am also from Ohio and for the last three days I have been dealing with headaches also. I had my surgery one year ago on the 5th of January. I had two annies clipped. The weather diffently affects my head, so you are not alone.

It does feel good to see your hair grow back!! : )

God Bless You,



i live n texas where the weather is very unpredictable, due to that my allergies and sinuses go nuts. along with the sinus thing comes headaches, usually i can take over the counter meds to treat this and they subside for a while. i think the stabilization of the weather will be the only thing to help keep them away...hope your weather conditions get care and keep staying well : )

Hi Tina
Sorry I’m a little late to this - but glad i saw it. So i am noticing that every time it rains and the precipitation is changing i get really bad headaches. Noe I’m noticing it with snow too - i live in Massachusetts so basically I’m screwed lol but I’m hearing from a lot of survivors that rain and harsh weather can bring them on. I pay closer attention to the weather channel now and try to prepare as best i can ….

13 has always been my lucky number! This topic is as you know 13 years old! We do have a member @King_Henry60 who has a new topic and he asks about weather issues here My story and why I'm here - #13 by Moltroub and here Hard day. Perhaps you can help him out…

I will close this tomorrow if no one replies.

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SMH- 13 is my lucky number as well but dam i am an idiot - never even seen the date ….lol

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From my favorite medical organization: Barometric Pressure Headache: What To Know