eyes and forehead Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

hi everyone, for the past few days even more so ive been getting this tingling across my forehead where i have to press my fingers in the middle of forehead to give relief but i also get this achey feeling behind my eyes where i cant completely open my eyes ,its like ive got a weight on my eyes and im feeling sick to , idont know whether its the co codamol (paracetomol and codeine) whats making me feel sick and this sort of anxiety coming over me, its really getting me down, another theory is, i dont know about other women but could it be my period im actually on this know and i think its more when im due and when im on ,are they any other women like this or is this just normal for what weve been threw im 5 months in from ruptured aneurysm which have been both coiled.plz get back to me

anyone out there who can help!!!


I wish I could weigh in but I had a hysterectomy long before I had the aneurysm rupture so I haven’t had that particular experience. However, I do react to storms and pressure seems to build out that can only be relieved if I lay in a certain position. Never understood why but since it worked and just went with it.

My first suggestion…call / see your neuro…DO NOT wait…
After treatment some things can shift, move; may not heal perfectly, etc…
Please call your neuro…

hi pat, seen my neuro yesterday i had a mri a few weeks ago and ct ,everything is ok, well what he actually said is that ,the good news is i wont another aneurysm and that im just as healthy as my partner and my mother , they were with me when he said this ,but he said the bad news is that i have brain damage at the front where the rupture was which what he said is that this will effect my personality,mood swings and concentration and that the headaches which im getting ,might go and if they havent in 3 years i will have them as long as i live. i feel so down at the moment as with these headaches i thought it would go with time ,but i hate when they say at least your alive,but i just want be normal,so the headaches im getting is when im cocentrating which explains everything. the neuro is sending me some place for headaches neuro something. but thanks for getting back.