Hair loss

I have very fine and short naturally curly hair...but now i have several super thin patches. i wonder how long will it continue before it stops coming out. i just started taking biotin about 3 weeks ago, and nioxin(shampoo and conditioner) twice a week, i know it will be a while before these start to kick in... any suggestions on anything else... i love this website with all the support and love people have for an "annie family", lol...but any hair suggestions :-)

no suggestions, i guess i'm the only one experiencing this :-)...thanks anyway

Hi Keneta...No others have lost hair ... and/or in my case I was coiled...and my hair got thin in the back of my head, but that rectified itself in time...

Just hang in there and other's will respond...infact, in the past there have been other's who posted about hair loss after aneurysm...Colleen

thanks so much Colleen

Hi Keneta,

I'm recovering from the type of hair loss that you described. It is not directly annie related but hair loss just the same.

I'm glad that you are taking biotin. It's very helpful. There is another product that you might want to try that can minimize the appearance of hair loss. It's call Toppik I just learned about it and am using it since last week. I don't think the results are as dramatic as the advertisement but they are pretty impressive.

Good luck to you. Please message me if you have more questions.


Hi Keneta,

I haven't been on in a few days and just saw your post. I had major hair loss after my SAH which was coiled. The first time I took a shower in hospital after 2 weeks in NICU I had clumps of hair coming out. It reminded me of movies when a cancer patient has chemo. I ended up with a good sized (a bit smaller than a deck of cards) bald patch on the back of my head. Dr. said it was from trauma/stress. I continued to have large amounts of hair loss in the shower and hair brush for about a month. It took a good 6 months for the hair to grow back in. I didn't do anything, I had just survived a rupture, coiling and then a stent with complications and didn't care if I had a bald spot. Everyone was always very surprised because the spot was a perfect rectangle. People always asked me if it had been shaved. You are not alone in any of this. Hang in there.


thanks Ms Carole i will look into that Toppik.

Ms Kathy i really didn't pay attention to the hair loss until about 3 weeks ago when i could actually see my scalp sweating, i jumped on the recovery process...well, i have some hair by Christmas or even New Years, lol...thanks so much


I have an AVM and aneurysms. I've had 3 Gamma Knife radiation treatments to start shrinking the AVM & had a crani to clip the annies.

Last summer, I had my first GK in June, then had the crani in July, so I had a section that was shaved, then in about September, I had a patch that started falling out.

My hairdresser suggested biotin, so I went out & bought Hair Skin & Nails vitamins (with biotin). Honestly, I'm terrible about taking vitamins & didn't take them regularly.

My hair was waist length at the time. What I ended up doing was having it cut into a chin length bob with a side part to cover up the thin patch and the shaved patch that was growing out & looking weird. I had my hair cut maybe 3 weeks or so after I had stopped wearing my caps & scarves to cover the crani scar.

I just had another GK radiation treatment 3 weeks ago, and I've noticed hair starting to fall out again, so I'm back to trying to remember to take my biotin.

please remember to take it. i think my hair will grow when i stop putting too much emphasis on it, lol. give yourself a time of the day thats good for you (day or nite) and take it at that time everyday..



Hi. My mom has androgenetic alepecia(before clipping even took place) and also used the toppik. The only problem was that it sometimes made her scalp itchy but it did help to hide the bald spots. She eventually ended up getting a wig which looks fantastic on her. When she is at home she wears cotton head turbans(we bought them in several colors before the clipping) but she wears the wig when she goes out. Since we are speaking about hair, does anyone know how long you have to wait before you can color your hair? My mom's sideburns and neck are gray and stick out of the wig but she is afraid to color her hair because of the scar. We have trimmed her hair but it really needs coloring.

Good luck with your hair Keneta. I'm sure it will grow back in time.

Oh Kathleen thanks for the "heads up" on Toppik. i looked at it online earlier, and thought about it. i wondered how it would do on my scalp because it is very sensitive, and i believe i will have the same reaction. my scalp has been itchy since the clipping so i'm sure. as afar as coloring the hair i am not sure

hi k! my dermatologist told me to use rogaine there also are some steroids shots to treat alopecia. i had a coiling done about 4 months ago and lost a large area of hair abou 4x5 inches getting much bettter after using the rogaine

Hi Vicky,

My mother and I both tried Rogaine a number of years ago, We not only had hair grow on our scalps, we got really full eyelashes, sideburns and a little mustaches. So, we stopped using it. We were getting to be a bit " too high maintenance". The dermatologist said it was an unusual reaction and I’m confident that I followed the directions. My mom lives in a different city. :-). Sincitems had the same experience, it may be something in our genes!


wowzer.....but hey it did it's job and grew hair :-)

ok thanks for the rogaine tip

Hi, i had quite dramatic hair loss in the 'coiled area' about 2 weeks after my procedure. 4 months on and this area is still fairly thin but there is regrowth. Have been told by my consultant that hair loss is normal after coiling. good luck x

I can remember when my daughter was recovering from her aneurysms at the age of 12 and she was combing her hair and I saw massive amounts of hair coming from her head. The hair was coming out by the handful. I felt so bad for her especially after everything that she had already gone through. Once again my heart hit the floor. After visiting with her doctor he told me that stress can cause the hair to fall out and that it should grow back. It was hard for a young girl to return to school with a bald spot but she was a trooper and hid it the best as she could by putting it in a pony tail. As the hair started to come back out, at the time she had long straight hair, it came out curly just as it did when she was a young child. After a while and the hair grew to catch up with the rest of her hair it became straight again. Just be patient and it will grow back.

Oh thanks so much for the confirmation of regrowth, and your daughter is a trooper for great to hear, and also my hair is naturally curly, and my little patches are straight. i have to play with the hair to get it to curl up, hilarious...thanks again

Hello Keneta, I am so glad you posted I wanted to to ask. I am having the same problem since my clipping in June. It is scary to see so much hair coming out. I will ask my doctor tomorrow now that I am not going crazy ha and see what he will say.

I think I will try the biotin also.

Hang in there take care