Hair loss

hi everybody, Hair loss is the way I found this site originally. But now it's getting worse. I had coiling done at the end of Aug and have been taking Biotin for 2 mths now, but it seems I'm losing more hair these days, can anyone tell me how long approx this lasts as I may need to go shopping for a wig soon, but if I can get away with hats and scarves for a couple of mths, it would be much cheaper. If u tell me it's going to be another 6 mths or so, yeah, wig shopping:) Any input is appreciated, thank you in advance:):)

my mom is having hair loss as well, she is 75 had surgery on 9-24-11. lady at hair salon today, said that the hair loss would slow down, and start to regrow, in time. she has got a couple of wigs, wears them some. but i guess we need to give it more time. tryed scalp massage with almound oil, saw that on dr. oz show. only done that 1 time so far, dont know if it helps or not.


I lost so much hair had to have the plumber in to clean the drain. A friend got a fine metal mesh cover (this will vary by the plumbing fixttures) to trap the bulk of the hair. Mine loss slowed ...but it is still excessive compared to pre-treatments... I was blessed w/full thick head of hair, so it is not noticeable to others except by the amount of hair on my collars, the carpet, cleaning my hair brush, etc... it never seemed to go back to normalcy.

Biotin is about the best...and, have been taking it for some years...not months.

Wishig you great recovery.


I had the coiling done and about 2 weeks later, my hair started coming out by the handfuls. I lost the equivalent to a large piece of pizza's worth in one spot (have pics to prove it). It took 4 months before I even saw peach fuzz but now it's about 5 inches long in that spot. I still lose a lot of hair but I have tons so it's hardly noticeable anymore. I used hair extensions on my wedding day and then after the wedding, cut it all off. It seems like the radiation damaged my hair overall. Give it time though, it'll come back.

Hi Karen, Can you please explain to me the radation? Do you have that if you have your Annie coiled. This is the first time I have read anything about radation! x

Hi Carolanne! They use a CT angiogram to perform the surgery. You essentially have an xray going on for the entire procedure. The radiation stems from that. Does that make sense? I'm not very technical but it's basically what my doc told me.

That explains it well. Thank you Karen

Hi Mandy...

I lost some hair and thinned hair for the first 6 months after coiling, but then it grew in and got healthier...I wish I could help you out...

love your doggie on your lap...

cyber~thoughts Colleen

Wow...I feel so much better now! I had coiling done as well and about 2 months after I lost 2 BIG patches of hair one on the side of my head and one in the back...with just a very thin patch connecting! My first thought was My beautiful red hair...and felt sorry for my self...then took in to account I could be a different color every day if I! It grew back in about six months!

Thx for replying, Colleen, it actually answered my question that it'll be about 6 mths. Anyway, it's so thin now I just broke down and put a deposit on a wig, have to pick it up next wk,(cash was short, as i am unemployed), and it looks great, I felt like me when I put it on. It will help me grow my hair back to the state it was, as I despise short hair on me. I think i look like my brother!!:( And thx, the doggie is my 2yr old baby, altho she thinks she belongs to my hubby!:) He spoils her:)

cyber~thoughts back at ya;)

Thx for answering Darcy, 6 mths is wat i was looking for, but plz see my reply to Colleen ahead of your response!!:):)