Great News!

Hello everyone,

I had my 3 month MRI yesterday and everything looks great! I don't have to have another one for 9 months. I love my doctor. He said he does not do angiograms unless he see's something he doesn't like on the MRI. Out of the 200 coilings he has done this year he has only had to do two. My aneurysm is 5mm and located on my ICA. He used 4 large coils and said that my headaches are due to coils now rubbing against leathery part of brain which some people tolerate over time. My headaches are getting better. The issues I am having with the lights and noise he said are probably migraine like headaches. He is sending me to a headache specialist.


Hi Deanna,

This is very good news. Thanks be to God!

Your doctor’s explanation of the cause of your headaches is both quite illuminating and very logical especially since so many people complain about headaches post coiling. I hope that you will be able to get some relief from your light and noise sensitivity as these are also very common complaints.

Take care.


Great News Deanna....~ Thank you for sharing...You go ... Celebrate and Enjoy ~ Cyber~hugs Colleen


I like to share the good and bad because it may help someone and that's what it's all about. Hope your feeling better since your fall.