Great first check up

Today I had my first follow up with the neurosurgeon following coiling for a ruptured PICA with grade 3 SAH on 10/16/2012. To quote my doctor, "You are a miracle!" I could have told him that!! I am blessed beyond measure. Next step...having a follow up with the neurologist and then, fingers crossed, back to work! :-)

Congrats Bev! I'm sure you are so happy to get such wonderful news :)

Good to read your good news.

Good News Bev...

congrats bev, but give yourself some time. It really is neat to meet so many people who have survived because the majority don't. I was a grade 4 was able to go back to work two months later--- everyone was shocked. but it was slow at first. have a great day. donna w

hi Bev! wow thats great!! thank you for sharing your miracle! God must have great plans for you! We'll keep you in our thoughts & prayers!