6 week follow up

Just met with neurosurgeon this morning.

He said I'm doing well as it's still very early days....lol how many times do we hear that? and say that to others?

He has referred me to a neurologist to deal with epilepsy etc and neurosurgeon wants to see me in 6 months.

He is such a nice, humble guy. Not full of his own importance like some consultants I have met in the past.....I told one that he was only a gynaecologist because he wasn't tall enough to be a brain surgeon!

Neuro said if I have any problems in the coming 6 months to call his secretary and they would slip me in one of his clinics.

so all in all things are as they should be at this stage and I'm happy with that


Hi Chris...You are a spitfire...made me laugh about the "gynecologist" .. glad you are being referred to a neurologist and received news you are where you should be with healing...~ Have a nice evening...~ Colleen

hi Chris! excellent! keeping you in thoughts and prayers for supernatural healing and improvements!

Hi Chris,

You are a riot, I love what you said to the Gyn! Glad to know you're on the mend. Peace, Janet