8 week checkup..check and complete!

Yesterday I had my 8 week check up, CT with contrast etc. Saw my miracle man (my surgeon) to go over results and he assured me that all looked good! :-) He gave me permission to drive but with restrictions for now - close to home, with someone in the car and only on quiet streets. So, I'm ok with that for starters. :-) He wants me to see someone, (contacted the Brain Injury clinic) to help me over the depression etc. Which he says..normal normal normal. So I'm not crazy after all! I go back to see him at my 6 mos mark ..August. He also said this is going to take a good 12 months to recover from this and for me not to push myself and listen to my body. I just love this man...as soon as I saw his face, I lit up like the 4th of July. At the end of my appointment, I said 'may I give you a hug"? He said, 'you sure can'! It was great. This man actually called me from his home one night after I went through a couple of mini strokes...apoligized for calling so late 9:30pm. You don't trip across these kinds of surgeons every day, thats for sure. I'm very fortunate indeed. :-)


Tina...that is wonderful for you for your eight weeks...and, for the extra, humanitarian care of your surgeon...you have been blessed...

I sure have Pat. A supportive medical team is the main key in a successful surgery and recovery. I truly feel blessed. :slight_smile:

tina so glad u were able to get some info n reassurance that your going to be ok…really great to hear…God is great

I have an appointment with the Regional Community Brain Injury Services next Friday. I hope to gain some insight into the deficits I have and I guess they evaluate and then work on your weakness’ etc. Has anyone else gone through this and were you happy with the results? Did it help you to get to know the ‘new you’ in any way?


Wow. That photo looks familiar. I have one just like it. Congrats on reaching the 8-week mark. I had a rupture in 2000 and I went back to work after 8 weeks. I think it was too soon. Driving was hard for me and I felt anxious often when I hit intersections. And the depression? Absolutely normal. I just wish someone had told me it was normal when I was going through it. I had very little support. This forum is a great way to gather information and get the support you need. Good luck!


He sounds like a wonderful surgeon...sounds a lot like my neurologist...infact, when I was going through anger (depression turned backwards)...I told Neurologist "I am crazy"...he said..."no..no...you aren't...people who think they are crazy are not..."....and this is so normal after all we have been through with these annies...

Overall, it sounds like a good check~up...and I am so happy for you...

Continue to rest and heal...You my dear are a "Survivor"...Hugs Colleen

YAY!!! I’m so so happy for you. And what a doctor! You obviously bring out the best in people!


thank you for saying this so well...you have given me new words...and, pray I can remember them.

Julie…the lack of support is too common… Tina said it so well above…

This is so great. Glad to hear you’re doing well. Thanks for sharing this.


This is wonderful news and I am so very happy that you are doing so well. Do as your doctor says and listen to your body. My prayers and thoughts are with you.. :)


Tina...will you please tell us more about this BI Services Center? Did your neurosurgeon or neurolgoist do a referral or?

I am a believer in the neuropsych tests to help determine changes, losses, etc. that need therapy for rebuilding or re-paving access...your early start at this is excellent...

The psychologist who did my first was with the facility of treatment... he noted on my record that the sensori-motor testing was deferred...he never qualified when it would be done; or referred me to a neurolgoist, etc. Almost two years later I had the full testing of SS disability and they were so explicit... Two years later I called him for a f/up; he told me he could not do that, but refered me to an excellent one in my locality... I do them every two years to determine changes... and, where I still need therapy...being able to type does not mean I am functional...

Blessings to you... I wish I could tell you how pleased I am for your getting into this so soon... Please tell us all more about your Services...


Hi Pat :-)

My neurosurgeon suggested seeking out support to begin with. It just so happened that the day after seeing him, I had an appointment with family Dr. We discussed my follow up with my surgeon and she said I will gladly give you a referral if you need one to go the Regional Brain Injury Centre. Just as I was leaving my Dr's office, my cell rang and it was the gentlemen returning my call regarding their services. He asked questions and so on and he said by the sounds of things you qualify and I will be able to admit you to the program. I said terrific , if not my doctor will be happy to give you a referal. So, my interview/appointment is this Friday April 15th. I'll keep you posted as I learn more about it myself. :-)

Thanks again for your support everyone. Life is good.


Tina, we share marvelous caring surgeons. I just love mine, too.