I am wondering why if you google skull bone removal does my post on here come up as number 3 on the list?...

Does this mean that what we post on here always shows up on google?

I am just going to add this to my list of odd things that happen in my life :))

Whatever we post and/or respond is out in cyber~space for everyone to view...I am always sorry I signed my entire name...due to the isn't everyone's business...but no choice...because this site never gave an option...but everything your write on the net is out there...


You can click on the settings link under the links for your inbox and friends in the top right part of the screen, and change your name, only use your first, or make up a aneurysm name then click save at the bottom of the screen. I never thought about it but whatever you post is out there in cyber space. If you post something unique like skull bone removal then you’re the lady way up near the top of the pile.

Thanks! changed my name! LOL

Changed my name too…LOL…I went with the unique skull bone removal search…LOL

Thanks Kim for bringing this to our attention-I was not aware of this either-and did not want my name out there.

Thanks for the info on the name. I’ve changed mine to!

new name - am now Jaycie B. Thanks Unique!!!

Hi Kimberely...Just changed me to my first name...thank you so much ...

Keeping you in my Thoughts and prayers...! Hugs Colleen