So you mean my skull was missing!?

How can you tell where the bone flap is? The side of my head is sore, but my hair has grown back thick & curly over the incision site. I always want to see it, I’m slightly fascinated with it. But I can’t tell where the bone was removed. And how do they hold it back in place? My aneurysm was a TOTAL shock to me and my family, so I never got to ask any of these questions beforehand, or anything. We only found my aneurysm because it ruptured! Doctor said it looked like it had been growing for ten years! I’m still in shock that this isn’t just some crazy dream! Today is 16 weeks since I entered the hospital after my rupture the night before. I have no memory for what’d I’d say are 6 or 7 days. Nut from what I’ve heard, I don’t want to remember. I know I was conscious though, because I was writing notes and the morning of surgery (16 weeks tomorrow), I somehow got into my phone–I have a pattern I draw to unlock it, got on Twitter, and told my friends “Sick and going into surgery. Love yall.” My sister said she tried to help me tweet it, but I was persistent on doing it myself. They also said I used sign language to talk to her when I couldn’t because of the intubation tubes! Crazy, the things we can do with no memory, and with a subarachnoid hemmorage!

Anyways, just curious! Thank you for your time and answers, and I hope you’re all doing well :slight_smile:

Oh, and they clipped mine off with two “chip clips” is how they were described to my sister… But what happens to the aneurysm after it’s clipped? Does it just disappear? Like shrivel up and die? Then if that happens, what happens to those clips? I fully intend on asking my surgeon at my next follow up, June 5, but I know my BAF family can probably satisfy my curiosity until then :slight_smile:

Thank y’all, once again!

Robin---Yes, please ask your surgeon, I would encourage you to write your questions down--I still have many of the same questions (even though I have most of my medical records---like reading Greek to me...)...My bone flap was left out--why, we have no idea...It is at time like these that I feel totally ignorant as to what happened to me--Dana

its underneath your skin buried at the top of your head .the aneurysm is gone after clipped they should of punctured it an drained it if that was possible.the clips stay in place for life the clips keep the blood from feeding it to say.

Hi Robin,

The clips become a part of the body. My clips are metal (no MRI for me) and glimmer like little stars in my recent angiogram films. The clipped aneurysm, however, was not visible. The rupture caused the puncture. The clip was the patch.

If you can’t tell where you bone flap is then you are very blessed. :slight_smile: You don’t have a “wide” scar in your head or a bump on your forehead. Your docs obviously did a good job in “removing” the bone and then putting it back. You can “Google” bone flap “image” and most likely see what one looks like. I think I did this a while back.

It is absolutely wonderful that you have had such a great recovery. It is a blessing indeed.

Take care.