Fusiform aneurysm

Anyone has fusiform , I'm told its not very common, any advice on treatments. Has been to 3 doctors and need to know tx options

Hi marion, I had a fusiform, my was stented and coiled , it was a giant ICA, on the left side , after four endovascular surgeries , alll through the arteries no open crainotomy, i am the proud owner of 2 stents and 51 coils!!! Julie in Delaware

Thanks . Docors don’t seem like suregery is an option. They all think that it should be watched. The size is 10x8. very confused and scared. Headache are getting worse.

I left you a message on your page also, since you live in NY Look up Dr Michael Stiefel in West Chester , He is very gifted and very educated in this area, huggs and prayers Julie in Delaware