One-Year Followup Angiogram / Possible Coiling - What to Expect?

I was treated with coiling for a ruptured 3mm aneurysm a year ago. I've had a couple of CT scans and and MRI since then - nothing unusual found.

I am scheduled to have an angiogram, and if needed additional coiling, on April 8th. I am curious - for those of you that had a follow-up angiogram at one year after coiling, how did it go? Was any additional coiling needed? What was the recovery time like? Also, do you have to get another angiogram each year, or just the first year? My surgeon was unclear, but seemed to imply its just a one-time thing.



Hi Frank...I had an angiogram at 1 month after coiling, 6 months and then 18 the 18 months after they told me all was fine...they said they felt my coils had compacted some and blood was getting through to aneurysm...I asked "Can we put more coils in or what?" They told me I would have to wait 2 years because there was so much healing going on in my brain...they accidentally severed my parent vessel and it takes along time to heal...anyways, I am coming up to June, 2014 to have my angio and have this Neurologist wonders why all the angiograms at this point when an MRA should show them if coils compacted or right now we are checking into this and also, how many more angiograms must I have ... I guess I didn't answer your question, I too am confused...~ Good Luck on your upcoming angiogram...Thoughts out to you ~ Colleen