First 6 month check up

Hi all.
I had my first 6 month scan a few weeks ago and get my results tomorrow. I was diagnosed with an aneurysm earlier this year but as it was only 3mm they said they didn’t need to operate. So there was no way of knowing how long it had been there and I’m really nervous to find out if it has grown or changed at all. Has anybody had a quick growth between scans? Thanks.

Hi , I have small size aneurysm that is on the watch . Had my annual scan just last months . It didn’t grow in one year , there were no changes. From what I read aneurysm in most cases if grows - very very slowly . They want to see if it’s growing , because it has more chances to rupture if aneurysm growing . I hope everything will look the same on your scans !

Thank you for your reply. I wasn’t sure how quick they tend to grow so have been feeling really anxious. What size is yours and how long have you had it?

First it showed on MRI that there is one 3-4 mm , later on angiogram they saw that it’s 2 aneurysms that are very close . It’s a little over the year I discovered all this, don’t know also how long I have them . I have been anxious also before my annual scans . Now kind of calmed down , just living my life ,… please write us the results when you know …

MrsPink. How did the check up go?

They found a 1mm aneurysm for me back in December, but after the Neuro Interventionist reviewed the MRA he said he couldn’t tell. He said if it was one that it was the smallest one he’s ever seen. He gave me the option to get an angiogram or monitor it with an MRA.
I decided to monitor. He said these grow slowly and that even 6 months might be too soon. But we scheduled another MRA at 6 months. I have a few more months before it.

I finally got into a place where I’m no longer scared or worried about it. I also found out what was causing my headaches and have gotten rid of them for the most part.

I hope you got good results.