Monitoring unruptured 3mm

Hi. My name is Amy. I’m 34, a wife and mommy. I was diagnosed with a 3mm aneurysm 2 years ago. It was an insidental finding. 4 of 5 neurosurgeons told me to monitor. So I have been. I was doing CTAs for 2 years every 6 months and stayed stable. At my 2 year scan we did an MRA. The size noted a fraction of a mm growth. My surgeon says this could be because of a difference use of technique? Anyone have a similar situation? My next scan is Nov 6! Praying there is no growth and they can determine it to be a machine difference and not true growth. It’s been a scary journey. But I trust my dr & my God;)

Hi Amy!!
Yes, relax with the knowledge that different techniques are more accurate than others. The CTA has radiation so they can’t do it as often so they alternate with MRA. The good standard is the cerebral angiogram which is catherization with dye.
I have had a 4 mm aneurysm that I’ve been monitoring for 10 years. They alternate the methods and only once did I have the angiogram for a crystal clear image.
No worries!!! Until it reaches (hope never) 6 mm, I plan to just monitor it. For me, it allows them to perfect treatments so if I ever have to do something, they will have an easy solution- I hope.
Best wishes!!

Perfectly stated Sunrise! I too have a 3 mm aneurysm that will be monitored via MRA every two years. With everything else going on with me healthwise, I give it very little thought. Best of luck Amy!

Hi Amy,

All of the responses are right for them and not you, at least I think so. If you trust your dr. and whatever he says at your next appointment, you still are the one who decides if you want surgery or not. If there is any question about if the aneurysm has grown, maybe you could ask your dr. to do a cerebral angiogram. I think then you would have all of the results and make an informed decision. Good luck!

Hi, I just want to offer positive energy. I don't know anything about how these machines work but a small change could certainly be a technique difference. My aneurysm showed as 4mm on MRI and 2mm on angiogram. I know those might be different examples but I was shocked by the difference. I had a craniotomy for AVM and it was a shockingly easy recovery. You seriously would never know by looking at me. I don't know if it would be as easy for an aneurysm but treatment is so promising now. Not to mention that coiling is less invasive and safe. I'd rest assured that even that slight change keeps your aneurysm at a very small size. It's hard but knowledge is power. We have options! God bless you and I will pray that this was just a scan error!

Thank you so much everyone :heart::heart::heart:

My name is Amy as well and I am 34 also. I was diagnosed with a 8mm aneurysm about a year ago. I have no surgeries, but I get MRI,MRA and a CTA every 6 months. It is scary, mine has had no change in the year and a half since we found it. I have a amazing MD that doesn't mind that I call with every concern that I have.

@ Amy H: You're very lucky to have that communication with your doc! My surgeon is super talented but doesn't have much patience for my anxiety and concerns. He downplays my aneurysm because it's on the smaller side. I wonder how he'll be if it does end up growing by my next scan :/ I love confident reassurance but am always scared to ask my questions. I feel like I'm bothering them or like they think I'm worrying for nothing.

Hi Joy,

I have had some discomfort with asking lots of questions and reporting symptoms and differences from my normal and worry that I am being a hypochondriac, but the truth is we only have one brain and one life. I have come to the conclusion that I should follow my instinct and not worry about being a bother. If your doctor is not making you comfortable, see if you can find another that is equally qualified, yet a better match to your emotional needs. This is a stressful thing, and it is probably best if we can keep our anxiety in check. Good luck.

Hi Amy. Mine is about that size but they are operating in 3 weeks. I am 45. Have a small child. Both my parents died young so that's partly the reason. Also it's in the circle of willis and on the internal carotid artery. Frightened after reading too many horror stories about surgery complications but also trusting my Doctors, God, modern medicine, my gut instinct that I am doing the right thing.. also VERY grateful it was found.