How often are scans being done to watch aneurysms?

I have a 3.5 x 2.2mm aneurysm on my left coratid artery that is being watched. I would like to know from those of you who are watching your aneurysms, how often are you having CTAs/MRIs/MRAs done to watch your aneurysm? I had a CTA done in December which showed no change in the size. Are your tests being scheduled for every six months or once a year?

Hi Eula, I was diagnosed with a 6mm aneurysm on the anterior communicating artery in December 2012 and last week I had another CTA. My neurologist said the scan would be in 6 months but for reasons unknown I had it after 5. I'm still waiting for the results but hope that nothing has changed.

I had my carotid aneurysm coiled 6 months ago and am having a follow-up angiogram in about a week.

I had a 2mm annie and it was scanned CT-A every 2 years. It did not grow for 9 years. Recently it grew to 4mm. Hope this helps you…

Thanks Chris. I hope it hasn't changed either. lf it gets a little bigger, would you have it treated?

Thanks Sunrise. Are you going to continue watching it or are you planning on having it treated? Did anything change in your lifestyle that contributed to the growth of your aneurysm?



Did you have to have an MRI at your month follow-up after your coiling or was there no testing until your angiogram? I am still having terrible headaches after a month and I didn't know if I should expect any imaging.

Thank you!

I had a 6 month intiial scan after diagnosis and was told to wait a year for the next one. I'm due again in October but am thinking of making an appointment now and getting in a bit early. When was yours found?

Mine was found in January 2012 when I had a rupture and a SAH. I was clipped. I wasn't told until I went for my six-week follow-up checkup. At first I was very scared and had much anxiety and I thought I had to have the aneurysm treated, but after reading several stories of people who are living with small aneurysms and also after watching webinars on "treatment of small aneurysms", I decided to watch and wait. I am scheduled for another CTA next week, but I'm wondering if it's really necessary because I had a CTA in December last year.

Hello, I find it odd that my 11 hjärnaneurysmer never need to be followed up. When I asked the neurologist doctor why it is not needed, I got the answer that I had so many. Now I live in Sweden but think aneurysm engines can begin to grow no matter what country you live in. That I am 62 years, I think neither is any reason to follow up.