Finally have a neurology

had to drive hr and a half but finally have a doctor no one in my area will take medicaid,i love him,i walked in and he said you dont know me do you ?i said no he saw me in the hosptial,he said i was holding on by a thread,that they all didnt think i would make it he said i had so much bleeding.i said its been almost a year he said linda you are awalking miricle that its going to take me over a year to get better .but he made me feel good he was so excited to see me and that i was alive it made me feel good.he gave me some new meds for my headarces and he said it would help me lose weight.god i pray it works.i wish we had spell check on here i cant spell for nothing anymore.just happy to have a doctor write soon linda

So happy you have found a great doctor - the care and support form my docotrs has been one of the best things about going through all of this. As far as the spell check goes - not a worry, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't but I have just decided to give myself permission to not be a Type A perfectionist anymore and just enjoy life! Keep your spirits up - such a positive attitude and great thoughts can do amazing things for you.

Hey Linda, that is so great that you finally found a doctor!!! He sounds like a gem! Let me know how that goes with the weight loss, may have to have mr dr. prescribe it for me, lol!!! As for spellcheck, oh, I think we all know what you're saying, so no worries there, think it comes with the territory! You have a great day! Keep the faith!


I'm thrilled for you. Have a neurologist will make a big difference for you. I hope your headaches get better soon.

Empathetic with this- went almost three hours to find a doctor, but well worth it, too. Will say a prayer for ya- hope the meds do well for ya.