Radiation + Hypothyroidism + arrogant egotistical non listening Dr. = Type 2 Diabetes ? :(


I survived a ruptured brain aneurysm on my anterior communicating artery that went un diagnosed for 5 days.

I survived the Vaso spasms that resulted from that late diagnoses,

I survived the 2 wk stay at the NICU. lol.

I have somehow managed to survive 2 ssi denial letters and keep my home.

I have survived the numerous calls from Bill Collecters. (I have no insurance.)

God I hope I can survive my Doctors. Luckily I was finally able to find a new primary care Dr.who listens to me, and discusses things with me, and BELIEVES me. That is really hard to do when you don't have insurance.

I didn't have a pcp before my emergency room visit. I was discharged with the orders to find one. I did the best I could do. with one less paycheck coming in. I had to go to a clinic with sliding scale, just to get my meds refilled. Way back on my first visit, I told my pcp, that I was losing patches of hair, and that I thought it was from the radiation i had been exposed to during my angio. He said that there is no radiation in an angio. that this baldness was due to a fungus. Now, I now know that it wasn't the angio, but the no contrast dye that they used. but I have never been to medical school. and I have an aquired brain injury, that makes it real hard to find out the correct info on my own......... Would love to know what his problem is.

He was concerned however with my Blood results. My thyroid numbers were off, and although my good cholesterol numbers were good, and my bad cholesterol numbers were good, my triglycerides were extremely high. He decided that sometimes after surgery your numbers are really wacked out, so he wanted to wait 3 mos, and then send me for another blood test. 3 mos later, he finally decided to put me on 25mcg of synthroid. and test again in 3 mos. He still couldn't figure out why my Triglycerides were high. Funny how when I google High triglycerides, Hypothyroidism comes up.

Well, over the next 3-5 months, I packed on 60 lbs. I can chalk all of it up to quitting smoking, I will take credit for that, but......... I kept explaining to him that for over 2 months of that time, I had completely changed my life style. I was eating Healthier than anyone I know. I was walking a very brisk mile every morning the second I got out of bed. I only drink water, I was doing 30 min of cardio kick boxing every other day, then 30 min of strength training on the opposite days. but not only was I still gaining, I didn't have the energy to do what I was doing, let alone anymore. He finally did another blood test, and increased my synthroid to 50 mcg.

I had tried to talk to this ass about my anger problems, and the attention problems, and the memory problems, and he didn't ask me any questions, just said I was going through menopause, and He wanted to put me on prozac. I told him that I really thought it was from the brain trauma, and he said he has tons of patients with brain trauma, and none of them are angry, this is menopause. these things, and other stupid wrong things he said to me. (lol. along with my anger problem, and my behavioral problems) I dug my feet in and said there was absolutely no way I would ever see that man again.

Of course a couple of weeks later, my blood pressure is through the roof, and I have to go back to him. Lucky for me, he was on vacation, so I got to see his physicians assistant. She was really nice, but I still never thought she believed a word about my exercise or diet. Each time I saw her, I had gained another 10 lbs, and she didn't care. She kept saying don't worry about it, I had been through alot, she was convinced that I was depressed and that it was normal for what I had been through. (I am so not depressed. I love being the new me. I am just really frustrated with almost all of the so called medical proffesionals I have had the unfortunate pleasure of meeting in this past year and a half. ) needless to say, the last time I saw her, another 10 lbs, another don't worry about it. My husband told her that I felt like she didn't believe me that I was over excersizing, and dieting. and she said of course she believed me. but 5 min later, she said that maybe i was a candidate for lap band surgery. I could have kicked her in the teeth.

Decided to give the Health Dept a try. but it took 2 months to get an apt. then another month to see the Dr. to go over my blood test results. Now I have to say, this Dr. is awesome. He changed my meds, got rid of ones I didn't need, I feel human again. but from my test results, upped my synthroid to 75 mcg, and then informed me that I have type 2 diabetes. and that with some meds, and my extra synthroid, I should not only feel better, but I will probably lose weight. I think I shocked the DR. with my excitement. But it was like finally, I am not crazy there really is something wrong.

The next day though, while doing research. it hit me. This is a serious disease, maybe even more serious than the hypertension, or the aneurysm. Did you know that more people die annually from type 2 diabetes then breast cancer and aids combined. I have been eating an almost diabetic diet for a year, and exercising every day. and I developed diabetes? Did you know that hypothyroidism left unchecked can cause Diabetes. Did I get Diabetes, because My Dr had this extreme ego problem, and I have a communication problem? I have to be direct and to the point to get my point across quickly, or I will forget. I wasn't telling him how to do his job.

I kept laughing for the past year, that I was just going to wake up skinny, that something would give, and my metabolism would kick in. Well, since I have started the diabetes meds, and more synthroid, I have lost a pound a day. That is kind of scary too, I have always been of the mind set that slow and steady wins the race. but ... lol. I have done the time. I have put in the work, I deserve this. I want to lose a pound a day. and it has nothing to do with vanity. I lost all of that with my old self. I just want so desperately to be healthy.

Sorry this was so long. its really a condensed version of how terrible this Dr was.

Wanted to add that I have had 5 ct scans, 4 angiograms, and an MRI in 1 yr. thats a lot of radiation.

Its crazy, I have a hard enough time communicating, there is no way I can pretend to have a medical degree too, lol........... your right, a mri is only a magnet, but I wrote it wrong, I had an mri, but then the last 5 min of it, they injected no contrast dye and did an MRA. still laughing about the circumsized skin, but hey, it could have been pig skin right. lol.

oh ok thanks Shelby- we certainly had our share of tests &procedures-the nurse at work would constantly be yelling at the dr's because of their incompetance-i recently was told by my dr office to adjust my coumadin dosage-they said to take more when the levels were too high!!!!so here i am post level 5 anuerism patient telling them the adjustment makes no sense & they say well hmmmm let me call u back!!!they call back & said i was right & the reason they erred was cause they thought i was on 3 mg not 2mg!!!!!!!!!!!!Ready? go ahead AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGHHH-OH sorry-im ok now-the nurse at work (nursing retirement home) could not recommend a good competant dr in my area so i kept dr jekyll since there is no one else better,My boss told me u have to be your own advocate-having heard simular stories by nurse Sharon-I always assumed these professionals knew what they were doing & nurse s was too critical-Wrong-nurse was right

HI Shelby...I am not happy you have diabetes...but I am glad they finally are listening to you...

I could hug you...I have gone through somuch of this crap with Doctors all my life...I have had alot of illness...but because I was young, etc., yada yada...they would just "off it"...and within a few months time I would end up with a serious problem...I so feel for you...and I really wish it would get better...but I have my doubts...

Gotcha so close to heart right now...I am not sure why it has to be like this and infact, I hate to even say it, but had you been a man they would have listened...Happy Easter ~ Colleen

Shelby; it is likely good for you to be feel comfortable sharing what's stressing you...and, it is not at all unique...it is pretty sad...

When you were treated, how much dexamethasone was admin'd to you? It is a drug that hits the glucose levels... blood test records should qualify your glucose levels while hospitalized; and if you were told how/when to monitor it and potential symptoms... we have at least one other member who is having thyroid treated...

There is some relation to the contrast media but highly difficult to find even googling.

You my want to google "Pituitary - Adrenal System"...also, my q to you is if you have any other swelling that can/may relate to any percentage of the weight gain? We have several members with swelling legs/ankles and/or hands.

Prayers for your best results of SS disability and w/bill collectors...to relieve the stress.

Happy Easter and many more happy days...


Hi Colleen, thanks for the hug, most people just look at me with this wide eyes stare, when I complain about Dr's, Then I hear you have to find a good one, and be your own advocate, I believe all of these things. but...... lol..... Man they get mad at you if you question any thing that they have said. lol.... and I know it would have been different if I were a man, worse than that, I am currently living in the deep south. I am a woman, a yankee, and I don't go to their church. (means to them I am not worth it,) and if I dont like the way things are done around here, than I should just leave, lol...... I am trying to, but no one will buy my house, lol.......

I love my new Dr. though. and I will survive all this crap and come out on the other side hopefully healthier, than I ever imagined, lol...... Hugs to you colleen

Hmmmm, I have no Idea about The Dexamehasone, or where to look on my medical records, but I will have my husband look at this to figure that out. and I was never told to monitor anything. I think My biggest problem is that I wasn't referred to anyone. I went to the ER with the worse headache of my life. Spent 2 weeks in NICU with competent people that were doing everything they could to save my life. Then they sent me home. I have seen the surgeon for follow up check ups, but that's it. I will do some research on Pituitary adrenal system. and I do have swollen ankles and swollen fingers. But the dr's just call it a little swelling. I am on a water pill though.

I finally was able to get a lawyer to take my ssi case, and I think I will get it, if not, thats ok too, because I am getting alot of my testing through the state run vocational rehab, I figure they will either teach me some new type of work, or they will prove that I cant work, I just wish things would happen quicker. Thanks for the info Pat.


I'm so sorry you've had to go through so many bad doctors. I have fired more than a few doctors since my aneurysm rupture! I know how frustrating being told that your just depressed and that it's all in you head is....funny thing is it IS all in your head....or at least caused by what happened inside your head.

I believe ALL your issues come down to Pituitary dysfunction (I'm not a doctor, but I walked in your shoes and did a whole lot of research to figure out what was wrong with me.). You thyroid, adrenal gland, your metabolism, depression and blood sugar issues are all caused from blood pouring into your pituitary gland during your aneurysm rupture, and poisoning the pituitary gland, and causing it to stop functioning properly. They're all related, and all are controlled by your pituitary gland. I've had very similar issues. Please print out the following articles and send it to your doctors: http://stroke.ahajournals.org/content/35/12/2884.full



I found the hard way that doctors have VERY LITTLE experience taking care of cerebral aneurysm rupture survivors, so please understand that they never covered aneurysm rupture survivors in medical school. See if you can get this new doctor to refer you to a neuroendocrinologist who specializes in disfunctional pituitary glands.

Good luck, and please let us know how you're doing.


My new Dr is really good, at at least listening, lol. My other one not only didn't ever listen, but would argue with everything I said. I doubt he can find a endocrinologist that is on a sliding scale, but I know he will do the research to help me.

I am however going to see a neurologist next week. He also treated me terribly, but Vocational rehab sent me too him, he sent me for my MRI/MRA and we need him to read the results. Maybe he will see this damage, and recommend that I see a Endocrinologist. I don't dare bring it up and offend his delicate ego, but. maybe if my husband does it.

Thank you so much for the info. I first hand know how hard it is to figure out on your own, especially if you have short term attention and memory problems, like I do, lol and I so appreciate the links to the info. I try to search but never know what to look for, lol........ thank you thank you thank you. Hey, I used to live in Raymond NH, so from one yankee woman to another, heres a great big hug.

HI Shelby...I so understand what you are saying...

Hang in there and keep us posted ~ Cyber~thoughts your way ~ Colleen

omg Shelby-i just remembered-i did go to drhyde when dr jekyll was on vaca.!! She tried to kill me by giving me naproxen for pain while taking coumadin!-a big no-noThen i asked the pharmacist why they would give me naproxen & he gets nervous & starts ramblin on about their red flag system!!! i just looked at him & said your red flags aren't workin,the nurse at work was the one who said "they gave u WHAT????!!!! you cant take naproxen with coumadin!!!thank God for nurses-the other nurse Rita saved me when i had dvt-she took one look at it & said get to the ER you have a clot!!!i just keep remembering more & more horror stories-sure hope we get the medical expertise that we need-i pray to God we do-Good luck

It is crazy, Ronald, this dr that I am complaining about, wanted to put me on prozac, right after I informed him that my neurosurgeon was putting me on plavix, Luckily, I told him that I wanted to check with the neurosurgeon first to see if it would be a problem with my upcoming surgery, and Mean Dr. said, go right ahead, but it wont be a problem. Neurosurgeon, said absolutely not, you cant take plavix and prozac together. LOL. I know that they dont really understand what has happened to us, but I want to hear that, not that I am wrong. thanks sweetie, good luck to you too.


Thank you for sharing your swelling...there are several of us...we need to ask ask ask

My angiod personal opinion is that the first delivered, detached diagnosis for the female survivors will be "menopause"...tho I call it "venopause"... You are now the 4th I know at this site w/swelling in the hand/legs...let's use "4nopause" in research for questions on symptoms and conditions...

When I googled "venopause"...it took me directly to menopause... I wanted to be sure it was not already medicalese...I am confident I do not need to google "4nopause"

On the serious side, we need to ask male members if any have, have had, the swelling...and, I do not know the med term for male version of menopause...

Please...ask SS for neuropsych testing and/or your state agency...

We can share much more on these tests later...I had four tests over 6 years...the first at the treatment facility "sensorimotor exam deferred"... then SS; and two f/ups (not required by SS for me due to my age) to check status and recommend continued or changed therapies... cherish the quality of the psychologists (75% of 'em) and the tests...it is an overwhelmingly exhausting day; apx 5 hours of tests; plus the intro, aand post-test review...To me, it is worth a million more than a prescriptive...

Prayers for us all learning so much more....I was recently (fairly recent) blessed by two members who addressed / shared concern of swelling...I was not at all blessed that they have swelling; tho very blessed to learn it is not unique and needs to be brought forward... I pray this little bit of info to you, may help you, your research, your questions for your next visit with your doctors...

Once more, please remember I write my personal interpretation / opinion.



omg-shelby this is never going to end-AARRGGHH time again-i think my dr office is getting so big the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing-i called yesterday for a simple task of refilling my blood thinner-robot says leave a message we'll return your call since its monitored every hour-like 8 hrs goes by- nothing-they finally call this morning & ask who is monitoring your PT/INR???????? My brain freezes wha,wha,WHAT??i tell her they are(for the last 10 yrs!!!!!)they call me every month with he results of the lab(pt/inr)then she wants to know when will i retest?? my brain freezes up again & i reply thursday(1month from last retest)(same as i have been doing like the last 120 months!!! i didnt yell or get arrogant- itry to keep it professional & why should i get upset-I'm thinkng the head dr is on vacation maybe-I dont know anymore-nothing makes sense-it was like i just moved from a foreign country-a complete stranger-well thanks for "listening"& i felt compelled to tell you -your not alone in incompetantvilleihope our drs improve

I was just reading my past, lol.... and saw this and wanted to let you know that I still think your right, lol..... I had to wait to get medicaid to get a refferal to an endocrinologist. I printed out all the links to take to my DR a year ago, and he would'nt look at them, he said that is really rare. (whatever, so am I ) I have my referal, but it takes 4 months to actually get in to see the Dr. and I have checked the comments on this DR. and supposedly, hes rude, and doesnt' listen, or pay attention. So I am going armed with information, to support me. but, its been 2 .5 years, and I still havent had a good throid test result, I am now taking 150 mcg of synthroid, and I can tell its not enough, so maybe that info alone will make the endocrinologist pay attention. I hope anyway, I have finally started to see a psychologist, and we spend more time dealing with my distrust of Dr's than my other issues, lol. Just thought I would let you know while I remember, lol... I will try to remember again to give an update when I finally get to see the endocrinologist.