EYE PATCHES . . .To wear or not wear . . .?

Ok . . . so I just joined this community and I have recieved such a warm welcome. Thank you to all of you who sent me messages. I wasn't online much last week as my headaches were pretty bad for some reason, I think it was because of lack of sleep.

BUT the whole reason I joined is because I know that there alot of people here who have to wear eye patches. Now . . . I have been real funny about all this because I have been wearing the stick on ones because as I said . . . I don't sport the pirate look. My face is too small. I'm 4'11". I'm a shorty! And I could wear the kids size but then it squishs my head . . and the adult sizes . . . well the patch looks like a HUGE mask that takes up half my face!

Well I have searched HIGH AND LOW . .. .and I am aware of www.eyepatchheaven.com And this gal makes great eye patches. But the elastic wears out. It's a clear elastic that doesn't show . .. .but it disinigrates over time. They have allll kinds of patterns. . . .

BUt see, I'm an artist. I like to jazz up my wardrobe and I LOVE to wear the unusual from time to time especially to receptions of art shows I am in. Sooooo upon much more research . . I found this gal on Etsy . . who is SUPER COOL and SUPER nice . . . the name of her shop is JenKittys Closet . . . .

If you gals, and even guys who want to wear hip well made patches. . .. You have got to check out this gal's store. She has a lot of stuff for halloween and she started out making hats for her shop. But then she has these REALLY wicked eye patches. http://www.etsy.com/shop/JenkittysCloset?ref=search_shop_redirect

She uses beads on them . . .she uses feathers. . for the more masculine ones she even uses chains. I LOVE this store and I love her work and she ships super fast. If you want a specific color she has been very kind in making patches with those colors in mind. She also has the COOLEST ones for say weddings. Wish I had found this site earlier when I was getting married years ago.

The whole eye patch thing has been an issue with me because I like not having to wear something around my head. But I couldn't resist these patches. And I have been wearing the stick on bandages for this entire 12 years.

I still wear them a lot but people really seem to love the new ones I'm sporting now. I dunno . . I figure its time to rock a new fashion accessory.

As for my recovery. . . . I still try to block a lot of what happened. I'm scared all the time.

My anxiety still rules my life. I haven't been the same but life has given me so many surprises and gifts that I know I'm still here for a reason.

So anyway . . . I won't go into too much detail about my story . . it's too . . ?? what? I tend to get really anxious talking about it. For me, if I think about it or if I'm reminded I guess I'm having flash backs. I don't know. So I try not to think about it. Honestly . . my eyes are welling up because I find it very frustrating that I feel like I will never be the same.

I know others have had more than two . . . they have had lots.

But the last one . . . my memory doesn't work like it used to. I have to study twice as hard. I can't remember movies I've watched .. . but the residual anxiety is the worst.

It's hard to imagine but I feel like the physical damage of all this is nothing compared to the emotional damage that I am still dealing with.

So I try and talk about other things . .

Like finally finding COOL Eye Patchs!

Anyway, hope some of you like Jen's work. I do . . she has an awesome store! And I am adding to my wardrobe of "eye wear" accessories as fast as I can! HA!

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Hi Ipatch,

It's awesome to meet you. I will lift you up and continue to pray for you. I enjoyed your awesome description of eye patches. My daughter required an eye patch for many years while she was 3 years old. Lol....I channeled my artistic side and was able to decorate the patch to whatever she, or I, would decide. Many times she would choose whatever holiday was nearby. The absolute best was when she was mad about having to wear it. She would be so angry and wanted to express the anger on her patch. I would always want to laugh, but I would support her with it....since it was so great to see such a young girl want to express a feeling in such a way that released the anger for her.

So awesome to meet you.



hi I! def wear, very cool! ty for sharing! i'm thinking of buying one just to keep everyone guessing!!-lol

hi ip!!me again! just saw your intro, I did lumosity.com free trial for memory its very good but you can do similar at home with puzzles and games- I think we must work at it very hard-use it or loose it, I "practice" multi-tasking too at home ie I combine 3 or 4 tasks to save steps and also try to remember, (hopefully-lol) keeping you in thoughts and prayers!!~~


I was coiled...had tremendous vision damage...worsened at each f/up angio/procedure...my vision itself survived fine... (the optic nerves)....but not all the muscle control...(many other cranial nerves involved) and the issue w/the light/dark...

We members have talked a lot about vision issues...I do not remember talking of eye patches...

Vision therapy was my amazing success...tho it took 14 months of weekly sessions and daily homework... I was almost addicted to my homework...Quarterly, I was tested for changes...

My neurologist initially recommended a prism...then referred me to therapy...however, his records note he did not know why I had failed to get prisms...(well, he did nto address hearing comprehension and memory loss) He does note several times that he did not receive my med records...

My only memory is of an aunt who had to wear an eye patch... I do not know the reason/cause...she was active and lived to 92...

Back to eye patches, I hope others will share their vision issues and if:

Have worn, or still wear eye patches?

Use prisms?

Had eye surgery?

Vision therapy?

iPatch...so hope we can get feedback...


P.S....I saw the neuro-oph before I began therapy and 9 months into the therapy...his records do note improvements...and, I continued the therapy...

Wow!!! Thank you so much. I will give it a whirl. This message board is a little different. . can reply to everyone individually or if I reply to my own post will everyone see that>?Do they see the individual replies as well??? hmmm. I do multi task a lot, its just weird.. . everything before the ani's I can remember even from toddlerhood. But after . . . short term memory just don't work right! I hope you do order from this gal, she is so cool and if you have a specific color in mind she will make one just for you! :) I will go check out that website as soon as I log out! :)

I had a coil too. You know . . . the surgeon I had . . he never gave me a "card". Do you know that I have only had two angio check ups since then and every time I get flack for not having an MRI card to let the radiologists know I'm ok to do the MRI's. That is a pain and since the surgery happened so long ago no one will give me one!! ARGH! I never got therapy for anything. They did the surgery and sent me home. NOTHING. I had to ask for physical therapy at home when six months out I could barely walk. They were not helpful at all.

No eye surgery. I did see a nueropthamologist. . . .but couldn't get through the testing because it made me so nauseous. Maybe now I could do it . . but I don't want anymore surgery. Too afraid.

I wear patches every day.

No vision therapy. Nothing. I had a good neurologist once but he moved to the big apple. So now I'm without a nuero person . . .I hate the one I go to and really don't go to because he keeps saying "You're FINE, why do you even come back here?" Its like . . DUDE. . I'm not FINE. The doctors in colorado are horrid.

Sounds like everyone here has had really good after care.


That is awesome she is able to advocate for herself. I always think it's incredible when young people are not afraid to express themselves!!! :)

Thank you for your reply.

THis year . . . I feel like freaking people out. . but I'll explain in a post to my post since I'm still trying to figure out how this message board works! HA! Thank you!

OK!!! I don't know if this is how this is supposed to work . . but I'm giving it a whirl. Thank you all for making me feel so welcome here. I can't believe I haven't really reached out before. I'm astounded by all your experiences. How much different your experience was from mine. You are all very blessed and lucky to have received care from physicians and doctors and specialists who made sure you got the therapies you needed. I had no idea that there were such therapies. Not even the nueropthamologist I went to in denver suggested vision therapy.

And I had no idea that other people had as many vision issues, sensitivity to light . . etc.

I feel like I don't have much to add because apparantly I have been completely in the dark about EVERYTHING . . . while I feel RELIEF to be talking to people who GET it . . what I go through for the FIRST TIME EVER!!!! . . . I'm also more angry at my doctors who never provided any support whatsoever.


You are all giving me much more information than I feel I can offer.

SOmeone mentioned below that you had hearing issues?? Like what was it? Let me look . . "hearing comprehension" From Pat.om . . . what exactly do you mean by that???? Because I know this is going to sound weird .. . but ever since this happened. . . people will say things . . and its like . . I get the words wrong. .. and I think they said something they didn't say . . and I get laughed at a lot . .. I figured I was just losing my hearing but I don't think that is it!?!??? I even got hearing aids but I tell you . . I don't think that is the problem.

You know what? I need a doctor, a neuro person who deal with patients who have gone through this . . . any idea how I find one in colorado? I feel . . . well I feel robbed!

But at least I can rock the eye patches! HA!!! :)

Thank you everyone, thank you so much, you have all touched my heart.

Thank you for sharing and suggestions . . I am glad to be here.

Blessings to you all!

iPatch...wanted to let you know I read this...I am mentally exhausted from a mental project...

I will get back to you w/so much more...well if I wake up w/some alertness...

I started to type...and, found myself rambling...we have a lot to share...

Have a great day / weekend...


Lots to talk of here...it was five years post-treatment that I met three other survivors...after that, another one set up a support group...too far for me to continue to commute to it...More later...

God Bless u sweet girl. I too have lost vision in one eye due to a 16mm large aneurysm pressing on my optic nerve. Only been 8 weeks. Headaches are daily and intense. Trying to remain hopeful that vision will return… I love your positive attitude about the cute eye patches! I’ll go check them out now.

hi ip!! yes just google nuero....... Denver, nuero...... Boulder etc etc, have a great day!