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Has anyone experience problems with your eyesite after having your annie clipped? I had two clipped in Jan 2010, I have been having problems with blurriness. I had my eyes checked 3 months ago and my perscriptions went up 2 since August. Was doing good and just this last month I have been having troubles again. My glasses are not even working.

Please can you be more specific? Do you have good days and bad days? You know days where you can see good and then days when the world is blurry? Is it as if you are seeing the world with your glasses off?

Donna, At first it was good and bad days now it is everyday. As I wear my glasses I do feel like I do not have them on everything is blurry.

I am having this same problem but not every day, good days and bad days but the number of bad days has increased in the past six months. I am sorry you are having this problem. I know just what you are going through. I have days where I can’t read anything on my computer. It is just one big blur.

I am sorry you are going through the same thing, at the same time I am happy I am not alone. Have you asked your doctor about it. I know my doctor told me at my 6 week check up that it will take a year or so to get better.

Was your aneurysm behind you eye? I don’t get blurry vision but I also had mine clipped in January 2010 and I get sharp instant pain behind my right eye. I is sharp and fast. Then it goes away.

Yes it was behind my right eye. I get sharp instant pain right above my right eye now to they last about 2 to 3 minutes and then go away. It seems like it is worse when I am tired or stressed.

Sorry it took me so long to respond. I am going to bring this up with him again on my next visit and I will get back to you. However, I am not a new craniotomy my surgery was in May, 2007 but I do hope that this problem resolves for you. I have to tell you that I remember hearing the words “it will get better” when I was first had my surgery about different issues but things don’t always play out that way. All we can do is hope. Hope for the best outcome. My friend just bought me a bracelet for my birthday with a charm that reads hope. She said “because I must always have hope” so I am passing her words onto you. God bless you.

Donna, so after all that time you are still having some problems? Wow! I am suppose to go see my surgeon for a fallow up in August, I have not made my appointment yet. I will be calling next week to schedule it. How often do you see yours and how often do they check to see if you have anymore annie? Thank you for passing the words “I must always have hope” That is so true! God bless you to!

I am totally blind in my left eye…however I WALK NOW! I am AM alive! It’s my short-term mem that is the draw back AND ‘assisted living’ where I AM THE youngest person they EVER took. I never wore glasses b4. Oh, I am 56. THE NEXT YOUNGEST is in their 80’s…

My net nic sILVER bELLE marianne_39506 hm I WELCOME ANY support/info/advice.

Yes - I was clipped November 2009 - and my reading eyesight deteriorated 3 levels. My eye doctor says 1 level is a significant change - so 3 levels is pretty dramatic. My distance vision improved - which I guess is common. So I have given up my contacts and now have my trusty bifocals - no big deal - these days glasses are an accessory!

Hello Kat,
I haven’t been to the eye doctor since my clipping. I will be going in the next 6 months. I do believe my eye sight has gotten worse but like most of the replies I have read, I notice it more when I am tired or after I read for along time. Do you have follow up appointments to be checked by your doctor? My surgeon told me unless I have problems he would not be seeing me again. Sometimes I wonder how you can have such a large procedure without any follow up. It is a miracle and scary all at once.

Kim, I do not have an appointment with my Dr. I asked him at my 6 week check up if I need to be seen again. His reply was he would like to see me one more time and to make for August. He then said he should not have to see me for about 10 years. I would have thought they would check to make sure no other annie have formed, especially when it is in my family history. I found it very strange also that they cut your brain open send you home within a couple of days and your on your own from there unless you have problems. My husband was in the hospital longer than I was for gallbladder surger. LOL Please do not get me wrong my surgeon was WONDERFUL!!

I had my un-ruptured aneurysm clipped in April. The aneurysm was fused to my left optic nerve which was damage from the operation - I had been warned that it was a possibility. So my left eye vision is distorted, there has been some improvement but they do not expect my vision to return to where it was pre-op. It is just something I will have to live with, but I am truly fortunate to have had the aneurysm found incidentally, so there could be much worse things.

I had Surgery March 2010. I am starting to notice changes in my vision, especially on the right side where my surgery was. I too was told that it could happen and it could get better. Haven’t been to an eye doctor yet but I guess I better get there.

Hi Jessica,
I had a ruptured aneurysm coiled, right behind my left eye in 2006. I noticed over time that I was loosing vision in part of my left eye. Last Summer I went to my eye doctor and did a “Visual Field Test” (simple and painless) and it was found that I have a sizable blind spot. I have since seen a Neurological Ophthalmologist, who confirmed the blind spot, but besides that said that there was nothing he could do except keep an eye on it (ha ha) and see if it gets any larger. He did do a MRI, and couldn’t see any reason (other than my 2nd tiny 2 mm aneurysm Infundibulum of right ICA) that could be causing this blind spot.

I, too, have good vision days and bad vision days. Sometimes blurry, or hazy, other times I totally loose my bottom left quadrant of my left eye vision. Both doctors encouraged me to take fish oil, or flax seed oil, to lower any inflammation which might be causing this change in vision. I take two fish oils per day (one AM, one PM). So perhaps you can discuss fish oil with your doctor, or if inflammation is causing your eye problems.

Hello Margaret,
My un-ruptured aneurysm was on my right optic artery and they warned me about vision change. The first 5 months I didn’t notice any change in vision but now I have had days where I get blurry or a feeling of looking through a film. How did they find your aneurysm? Did you only have 1 and why did they choose clipping over coiling?

Hi Margaret, Mine was also un-ruptured it was also on my right side but I do not remember exactly where it was, except it was on my emotional side. I was having problems with my right side of my body starting with headaches, dizziness, pain and swelling on my right foot, right knee, severe pain in my right hand and arm. They at first thought I had TMJ then arthirist and was doing blood work to find out, then I ended up with my right side of my face numbing and drooping, they did CAT and found the first anny. Had another more inteste CAT, while I was waiting for the results a month later I ended up in the ER and they took me to CLeveland Clinic which the nuero had just read my second scan that morning and that is when they found the second anny. The second was bigger which was about 8mm the first one was 4mm. My surgeon said that he would not recommend the coiling due to them slowy slipping out plus the 8mm he could not do anyways because of the way it was shaped. I am very thankful for being alive and I will deal with blurry vision. My grandfather(moms side) died at the age of 45 one to the heart and on my dad sides he has had two cousins that died from annys and one cousin who is a suvivor. So please tell me about your aneurysms and how they count them? Which did you have clipping or coiling.

Julie, Thank you for the info and the little joke in your comment I loved it. So you are still having problems with your site and yours was in 2006? Wow! I try real hard to get everything done early in the day because as the day goes on the worse it gets, then I get really tired and I am sure it is because I am staining to focus.

Please make a Eye Dr. Apt. at least you will be able see if they can help you see a little better. I did not want to go either because I was just there before my surgery but when I did go I was glad my eyes did get worse by two perscriptions. Did you have yours coiled or clipped? How are you feeling now?