Vision issues post surgery

i began having vision problems TWO weeks after surgery. I have blurry, uneven vision & horrible depth perception UNLESS I close one of my eyes, then it is focused. Can only read with one eye closed.anyone else have this experience? What did you do? Is this permanent?

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It’ll be 17 years this month since my bleed and I have no perifial vision in my left eye and when I read I have trouble with my left eye focusing so I just close it and do fine with the right .

My mother had vision problems a week after surgery
It swelled shut for about a week
Then the swelling went down she had trouble looking to the sides
But over time it got better an exercise you can do is close your good eye and work the one your having trouble with

Hi Wendy,
I also have vision issues after my bleed and clipping 13 months ago. Most especially when I am fatigued.
It’s an adjustment, but it’s also a good indicator for me that I need to rest.

After my surgery, due to the location of the aneurysm, I was unable to read for almost six months. I then was only able to read on my iPad if I made the print very large. I graduated to large print books and was finally ok. My eye glass prescription is changed 2 a year. It will be two years July 15th and hopefully I will be on one re a year. I see a neuro ophthalmologist. Do not go to place like LensCrafters. Check with your neurosurgeon to see when you should see an ophthalmologist. Patience. You need to heal!!!

Hi Wendy,

I have had a left-sided hemianopsia (blind on the left side of each eye) since my rupture and surgery 23 years ago. For the first year or so, I had uneven, wavy vision, and it was very difficult to focus. That evened out a bit but I still have to close one eye to focus better and have very bad depth perception. I also no longer drive because of the loss of left front and side vision.

I had and still do at times. It was terrible at first now 2 yrs out a little better.

I also had to close one eye. I thought I was going crazy but that is the way it is for us people.

I am doing better with it, keep a check on your blood pressure, also stress, easier said than done ha.

The doctors did not understand this issue as we are all different. I suggest you keep speaking about it and the doctors may one day understand what we go through.

I couldn't read for a year after my surgeries - didn't even try. It's a long, slow process. Try to be patient.

I have all the symptoms that you have and a horrible depth of perception which drives everyone crazy because I feel like we are constantly going to crash so I now sit in the back seat regardless of who is driving. I have had just about every possible kind of test and nobody seems to find anything wrong, but all I know is I can not see! If you know of a doctor, a medicine or a treatment that could help me, would you let me know??

I had to go through occupational therapy were I did vision and eye therapy. Not sure how much it really helped. What helped was lots of time. Your brain does adjust over time, just don't stop using both eyes so they can adapt. Maybe you should see an ophthalmologist. I see one on a semi annual basis now to check on my vision. I have permanent optic neuropathy because my Aneurysm rubbed against the optic nerve for too long causing optic nerve tissue loss. The depth perception seems to be a common issue, even with those that don't have vision loss. Mine is much better now but will never be like it was before the aneurysm.

Agree with Wendy. Vision gets much worse when I'm tired. I think it's normal because you are using energy trying to see and when your energy is gone, so is your vision.

Mare said:

Hi Wendy,
I also have vision issues after my bleed and clipping 13 months ago. Most especially when I am fatigued.
It's an adjustment, but it's also a good indicator for me that I need to rest.

My surgery was a little over 17 years ago. I have problems with my left eye's vision. It usually happens when I feel stressed about something. It gets blurry and wavy which makes it difficult to focus on anything. Once I calm myself down, I'm usually okay. If I can, I will lie down and close my eyes for a few minutes and that always helps. Fortunately it does not happen often and I've gotten pretty good in talking to myself to get rid of the stress I feel.

Dear Wendy,

My husband had surgery 2 yrs ago in April, he has no peripheral vision, he closes his left eye to watch TV..he can not drive at night or on the highway...he hangs on for dear life when I drive...because he thinks we are going to get in an accident....( I just tell him to close his eyes and hang on...LOL) but his Dr said it is normal...

I had double vision for a week or so following my rupture of a right posterior communicating artery aneurysm. That particular vessel is associated with double vision, but mine didn’t last. What did last is the poor depth perception and eye fatigue (dont know if that’s a diagnosis, it is just what I experience). The vision problems are worst when using a computer, and my eyes are tired after an hour or so. My eyes are tired before my brain is. I
do better with paper reading, but only in a very bright light. I have fog in my right eye when it is fatigued but resting my eyes helps. It might help to try to do one visual task for a short period of time, take a break, and then try again. Get higher watt light, too. It does get better from the first few weeks after surgery.


Congratulations on getting through the surgery so successfully. I was in ICU for two weeks and hardly able to function much less try to read. Sometime during those first two weeks, I was experiencing double / blurred vision. I was tested at the time and no major pressure issues were found.

During my next two weeks at Kessler Institute an Eye Specialist was called in to test my eyes as I was still seeing double at times. No major issues were found. Gradually the eye issues dissipated. My eyes are normal and changing due to my age, 63. It took me three years to be able to put contact lenses into my right eye successfully. But I have.

Your eye sight will continue to improve. Keep going!


P.S. - My mantra has become "ICNY". I Can Not Yet". Every improvement big or small is a "YET!" for me. I keep a log of how much I improve, the goals that I achieve and what I am looking to achieve.

I’m had monovision after my clipping due to aneurysm being attached to optic nerve and having to be scraped free. I had 3rd nerve palsy, lazy eye, could not focus eyes together for 2 months. Then they began to start working together slowly, bit by bit. I am 6 months out and vision is fine. Was your aneurysm pushing on or near your optic nerve?
Best wishes in your recovery!

I had a similar experience, but straight after surgery. My optic nerve was swollen and causing me to have double vision and pain. I found it slightly better when I wasn't wearing my glasses or if I closed one of my eyes. But as soon as the optic nerve returned to normal, so did my vision. It lasted about 2 and a half weeks or so.

I like your Mantra Dancer... I'm going to adopt it :) here's to a quick ICY (I Can Yet) for everyone

dancer said:

P.S. - My mantra has become "ICNY". I Can Not Yet". Every improvement big or small is a "YET!" for me. I keep a log of how much I improve, the goals that I achieve and what I am looking to achieve.

Vision in one eye pretty much gone due to optic nerve damage. Wont return

Same here my entire right eye temporal vision is gone been through MRI’s and Ct scan my clip is ok! But the vision will never return due to capillary closed during post op