Does anyone get pounding headaches when bending down?

Over the last week or so I have been experiencing pounding pain in my head when I bend down. Does this happen to anyone else?, I do not get that...but want to ask how you mean bend down...or bending over? My apologies for being ditsy in asking...but the other pressure in my left hemispehre varies by certain turns / movements...

The pressure is not throbbing/pounding...tho definitely different. Please call your neuros...

Prayers to you,


Not bending pounding, but I can get dizzy...

Maybe call Doc's nurse and ask if this is common or maybe you just shouldn't bend over right now...

Gotcha in my Thoughts...colleen


That is a position my wife who has a clipped aneruysm has learned the hard way to avoid, especially if it is to lift something. My guess is that blood pressure increases and the clipped blood vessel cannot accomodate the increased flow and the vessel cannot expand as normal vessels can. This pain triggers a really bad migraine.


It's both! It's almost like if my head goes lower than my body's height then it hurts like a headache but once I stand back up it goes away and sometime it takes me having to sit down or lay down for a minute and poof it's gone. I talked to my neuro yesterday, he is ordering a ct scan that he wants done before the end of the month. He said if I notice swelling or get a fever then he wants me to go in to the emergency.

prayers to you also!



I don't get dizzy and maybe you should call and ask if it's normal. As for not bending over, I tried that and it didn't work. It's automatic during life's daily chores or just when something is on the floor. :-)

I wonder how many time in a day one bends over or down. Haha!

Thoughts and prayers


Kimberley, have you noticed if yr blood pressure is raised when you get a pin while bending down? I tend to find that it can be painful to bend down if my blood pressure is up. Caro

Hi Kimberley,

Yes I get those same head-rushes/pain, and I'm almost 5 years post rupture/coiling. I no longer put my brain below my heart.

If I need to do something at ground level (like scrubbing something off the floor, planting my garden in the ground, etc.) I have learned to sit down, on the floor or the ground. I once bent down to take something out of my pool, and got dizzy enough to fall into the pool. My poor husband! He thought I had had another rupture.

I also have bought tools to stop me from putting my brain below my heart. I bought a "Shark" to wash my floors, a "grabber" for picking things off the floor, and some garden mats to sit on to plant my gardens.

I think you should discuss this with your doctor. Try to figure out what positions cause pain, and any symptoms you have before, during and after these pounding pains occur. Keep a log of every time this happens and what you were doing.

I hope you get some answers!


blood pressure and maybe you should call your dr…hopefully they can answer the question for you…just like colleen was suggesting…good luck hunny…

Checking on how you are doing Kimberely...

Me Dizzy even before surgery...and I have asked and got the answer..."Oh it has nothing to do with annie..."...yup...bending over is so much apart of daily activities...try bending at the knees instead of with your head...let us know how you are doing...Hugs Colleen


I do get the same pain when bending down. I can also predict storms with great accuracy. When the barometric pressure changes, I get quite a bit of pain at the surgery site. It has been15 months since my last sugery. This is still better than having the aneurysm!

Take Care,


Hi Wendy,

Ditto on the weather prognostication, my wife is the same way since her surgery 17 years ago. I have been conducting post graduate study in this area and surprisingly no existing research studies can confirm the barometric pressure changes as the culprit. The culprit is actually a simultanously occuring component of the weather systems. Your right about it better that having the aneurysm - but oh those migraines, I feel so sorry for my wife. She's on the tail end of a three day head bangger.

Do you know if you have the titanium flap closures (I assume you had clipping surgery) or stainless steel wire?

Hi Everyone,

I am doing ok but still have a hard time trying to remember when bending down or over that I should do it from the knees. Not only is it supposed to be better for my head but also the back from what I have been told.

As for my blood pressure I am not sure if it goes up when bending, I normally run a very low blood pressure, so low that everytime someone would check it while I was in the hospital they would ask if I normally run such a low blood pressure. My Aunt who is a nurse also said it sounds like a blood pressure thing. My doctor did not think so in my case.


Your too funny! If you had a issue with dizzyness before surgery then I would totally understand why you have one now..hehehe :-)


I can not predict the weather as of yet. I don't get headaches at this point if the weather changes. It seems if I do get a headache then take a pain pill it does go away (thank goodness). I hope that my doc will have more answers after the ct scan is done.

Wishing good health to you all!


Hi Ed,

Wow, 17 years and your wife is still having the headaches? I was hoping it was a temporary thing. I do have the titanium clips and I did have my aneursym clipped. Please keep me posted on your research. Interesting.........


Yes I still pressure and headaches, Sometimes I get sick and land in hospital to get pain med to stop the head aches.This is 3,5 years still going strong. I also get so hot and sweaty I cant stand being outside doing and physical work I get trenched.Never have had this condition until after surgery .Its awful I was also a sun worshiper not any more. I was wondering if any one else experience this problem.

Hi Sue,

Due to the reactions that I have had in the last few months I am not allowed out in the sun without long pants, shirts and I have to wear something on my head at all times when out. I love being out in the sun but this year I think that is out of the question. So I am sorry but I can't help you with that. I hope that it gets better for you... :-)


Hi Kimberley: I hope you all are taking vit D if no longer getting your sun therapy. Mine got dangerously low and now have to take supplements and get it tested every year. Low vit D can cause joint pain, even cancer among other things.

I, too, get an immediate pounding headache when I bend over. I used to compete in gymnastics, find it hard to believe I could ever do those things that cause my head to be down like that. I've had this problem for many years, unknown how long I've had my annie but I'd bet the doctors would say no connection. I have had high blood pressure for years but this started long before that. Well wishes to everyone...

Kimberley, you've had a lot of response... it gets overwhelming...and, so many of us remember being told "no connection"...

I have extreme reactions to cold; wear long johns 8-10 months of the year; even yesterday @ 70 degrees... then, no feeling of sun heat...I have always been a sun-lover; hiked, walked, golfed...never had a problem with it, whether humid or dry. I burned so badly had to see md... familyfriends told me I had my first reaction to sun after D/C to home...but not as extreme as later...sort of grew on me...

Definitely take vitamin orders and high level, 2000 K a day; and my test has not surprassed the low range.

Glad Mitch mentioned vitamin D...because it made me think of vitamin B, too...hope that is checked, too...

Ed...have you researched titanium? Out of curiosity w/ stents made of titanium/nickel and the clips of titanium (and whatever else) ...makes me wonder if the metal reacts to the weather...or the weather reacts to the metal?

Are the migraines in, or related to, the temporal lobe area?


Titanium generally is not used as a magnetic material but it can conduct electricity and in a very strong electromagnetic environment it can begin to acquire magnetic properties thereby becoming electromagnetic. Medical studies have also confirmed that this fact. It is assumed that most folks would not be in such a environment for very long. The trouble is no one knows how strong the field needs to be or for how long the exposure.

As I understand medical protocol, the implanting surgeon is to test the clip before surgery in a MRI to ensure it is not magnetized. There are a number of cases where the testing wasn't done and some MRI safe clips were found to be not MRI compatible.

The metal does react to the weather and this phonemona (sp) is central to my study.