1 year follow-up

I just visited my Doctor did a complete physical and all results look good. Unfortunate the neurosurgeon that did my surgery is no longer in the area my 1 year follow-up aneurysm clipping is coming up (3/19/2015). My neurosurgeon office suggested for me to contact my Doctor and they would refer me to another neurosurgeon. At the my Doctors visit, she checked for all my vital sign and said that she did not find it necessary for me to have a 1 year follow-up with a neurosurgeon. She said that I look great and there was no need. I am just a bit worried. Should I not go and have a follow-up?

Most likely, I would think the only ‘extras’ a Neuro surgeon would perform would be the typical Neuro exam…which should be done…like finger to nose, tandem gait walking ect, and they would order an MRI or CT to make sure clipping is still in place. If you can get your family dr to do both, I would think you are pretty safe…IMHO. best wishes!

Hi Silvia

A one year follow up is important. I met with a neurophysicist a month ago and next week I have my one year MRI and neurosurgeon appt that same day.

I am always amazed when I meet people I haven’t seen in a while. They always say “you look great!” I tell them I am grateful that I can look after my physical appearance and remind them it is my brain that isn’t the same. But for your doctor to say it??!! I want to scream! If you can find another doctor, you should! Good luck!

I had to get an angiogram after a year and a MRI after two. I sure wouldnt skip it

Definitely would recommend you’re doing the follow up for this. Primary physicians are not Neuro skilled and you want to make sure all is ok. If PCP doesn’t order thise tests get a referral from your insurance company. My Neuro ophthalmologist ordered the tests, that’s how my annnies were found.

Truthfully, I would not feel safe unless seeing a neuro-interventional radiologist or an equivalent. I think it is important to have the MRI's and the angiograms to make sure you are ok. Good luck.

Due to the fact that I have outlived the careers of all of my neurologists, recently, I actually had to contact the hospital where my CRUCIAL surgery was performed, such to get it re-documented that the clips that were used in my craniotomy were titanium.

27 years ago, when I returned to the hospital where my life was saved, for my one-year visit, it was like a real homecoming. If anything, if not quasi-important for a person’s welfare, the revisitation was, for me, a really positive experience.

From a piece of mind standpoint… Priceless!!

If you have access to a Tesla3. It replaces an angiogram. The Tesla 3 is an MRI machine on steroids. I received my surgery at Thomas Jefferson in Philly ( where they pioneered the angiogram) & this machine is good enough & clear enough that they don’t need me to come in & get a procedure. Most hospitals won’t inform the patient of this because they want to receive the insurance money. Since you live in a metropolis, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Best of luck!!


I guess, technically, now, with the advent of Skype, the follow-up could be conducted on-line.

Thanks everyone for the advice! Yes im a bit scared. I just got off the phone with my Neuro office. Waiting for a call back with a referral. Thanks BAF family.

3/19 is also my 1 yr. since my clipping and I saw my neurosurgeon in January and he said 'see you in 2017 for my MRI/MRA…
Just my experience … Good Luck!

Obviously I can't comment from a medical perspective. But my wife had a checkup (coiling, so that could be different) at 6 months and at 18 months. This summer she is to have another which will be at 3.5 years. So far those checkups have been valuable as the first revealed the need for more coiling/stent and the second showed everything to be exactly as it should. It's possible that a person would be fine without the checkups, but the checkups do provide information for peace of mind, at least.

My Neuro surgeon released me at 6 months post op and told me to follow up with him at the 3 year mark. He recommended I see my neurologist and PCP for check ups, med management and migraines. I saw my neurologist last week and asked her opinion about the 3 year lag. She agreed with surgeon and said if there was any reason to warrant one, she would order a MRA. I have a very small Annie that can’t be clipped due to a congenital vascular anomaly in my one of a kind brain! So I am trusting their opinions and doing the best I can to recover from my craniotomy, which was almost 1 year ago. Happy to be here!


My GP missed all the signs of my aneurysm (intense one-sided pain in face, head and behind eye) despite 2 visits to her in the week before my aneurysm ruptured and I was rushed in for emergency craniotomy. Do I trust GPs? Not a lot. Would I go for the one-year checkup to the neurosurgeon? Wild horses would not keep me from it! Specialists are always better at spotting something, but you will probably have a very short meeting and be given a clean bill of health. Still, I would definitely go for it. No shadow of doubt about that.

I had a 9mm aneurysm fill with 2 stents and 100 mm of coil. My neurosurgeon has me going in for a complete MRI with and without contrast and an MRA every year for 5 yrs. At that time they will consider it "fixed". I would seriously discuss having an MRI.

No, don't worry. I had two ruptures and one clipped. Thirteen years ago. My surgeon said my chances of it happening again, I would have a better chance of getting struck by lightening. Columbia NYC

What!!! I am in agreement with Cathy, Joy and the others who said you must have a one year check-up with a neurosurgeon. And while you’re at it, maybe get a new primary care doctor. I mean seriously! She thinks you “look great?” That’s nice but proves nothing about what’s going on inside. Doctors…

My surgeon at NYU did an angiogram at my one year and said I can do MRA or MRI from now on. You are in Chicago right? Try to find a neurosurgeon at Northwestern Memorial which is the #10 neuro hospital in the country. Rush University medical center is #17.

Jennifer! A Bichon and a craniotomy! We are one!
And I agree because until the age of 49 I “looked good” with undiagnosed hemorrhages, cavernomas and my aneurysm.
Migraines, psychosomatic everything, vertigo you name it until a new primary did my first MRI of my head. Even ER sent me home with a numb left side and wild hypertension prior to the aforementioned Dr who cared enough to be careful!

I had 1 yr check-up with my neurosurgeon. I refer to it as the 'wet" then the "dry" mri. The doctor did the work and it is important to him to make sure everything looks good and stable. Now, I will only be getting my chk-up with Dr Aziz every 2 yrs. He is pleased. I may look the same but I am not the same. Family and friends could not quite accept that I react differently than before my annie. Hey, there was some time that I had a brain full of a lot of blood which means there was a lot of abrasion! Some goes away but in my case not all of it. To this day, I am amazed that I survived and can not explain how. But, I am very grateful and pray often.