Unruptured aneurysm

Hi, I have a small I ruptured aneurysm of which I saw a neurologist today…he basically said I was taking too much pain relief (panadol and tramol) for the headaches I was experiencing, and prescribed me endep and naproxen. The only mention of the aneurysm was that it was probably an incidental finding and only 55% of people die when they rupture! Very disappointed in his whole attitude so I rang my GP who initially referred me and he was mortified saying that he would prefer it if I was one of the 45% that didn’t die! So he has referred me to a neurosurgeon, thank goodness. I don’t know how long it will take to get seen but hey ho I’m going in the right direction.

Hi Kristina!

I'm really glad you'll be seeing a neurosurgeon as opposed to the neurologist,..who by all accounts sounds like he's not the best in the biz to begin with ! A neurosurgeon will be able to tell you a lot more about the annie, how big it is and where its located and will hopefully give you some options and answers so you can deal with this ....It sounds like you're making the right decision as the neurologist doesn't seem to have it together when dealing with folks who have such serious conditions--Peace to you in this journey, Janet

Hi Janet,

Thanks for ur message, the unruptured Annie is 4mm located in the left MCA. I have a constant headache left facial weakness and a twitching left eye, but he just wasn’t interested. I am also glad to be seeing a neurosurgeon I would really like this Annie gone as my grandma died of a subarachnoid haemorage 30 yrs ago, which was probably an Annie. Thankyou for your kind words of support. This site rocks xxx

Cheers mate, having MRI/MRA Wednesday next week the just wait for neuro surg review. Thanks again for ur message, has made me feel so much better xxx by the way Perth healthcare system isn’t much better lol x

Glad you are being your own medical advocate and seeing a Neurosurgeon...I agree with Janet your Neuro doesn't sound like the "best in the biz"...keep us posted with your appointment... ~Colleen


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Wishes and prayers for your success..