Depression, anxiety after aneurysm not surprising

What you have been through is incredible! I understand some of that because of my wife’s experience now almost six years ago. But though her rupture experience was terrible and surreal at the time, her recovery has been very good with mostly only balance, spastic walking issues. Her checkups have been excellent. I wish you well and will pray for you.

Thank you for sharing. I am now 5 months post repair for a 22+ mm aneurysm. The forgetfulness…my poor husband. Not so much anxiety or depression, but a drive to do more, go more, fit 5 days of living into 1 day, then exhaustion, sleeping for hours. Again…my poor husband. He is the master adjuster!

"Ask around for a therapist that can help you work through the PTSD from going through this trauma. If you try one and it’s not a good fit try another one - that’s very important."
This here. I went to see a psychologist about the stuff I was a going through and to say she was a disappointment would be a huge understatement. I’ve since painted all psychologists and their ilk with the same brush, but maybe I should be brave and try to find another. I really do need someone to talk to.

I had a ruptured brain aneurysm Nov. 1, 2013, it was coiled and six months later I had a flow diversion stent put in. Thank God I am alive and each day I try and remind myself of that important fact. My main problems are with depression and severe anxiety , I am seeing a therapist and also taking medication for anxiety. Another thing is that after the aneurism it left me with pain in my legs , buttocks and numbness in my left foot. My short term memory is pretty bad ,there are times when I forget what I did the day before and I am always completely exhausted. Does anyone else suffer with these symptoms? I am so grateful to have found this website. Hopefully someone will reply.

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Hi there, Yes I’ve experienced this too at the first three yrs of my recovery. Actually if you think about it, To be at this point in our lives we are Blessed by the fact that we are still alive and having seen our love ones happy and seeing the joy in their eyes each year is I Think a bucket of gold. I Even think of bad things then, but as my Dad teach me on how to handle my anxiety and depression then has made me a better person now.Maybe SHARING with you would give you a hint also though I’ve never had medications for anxiety.
I think Aren’t we all been to this depression, this is because the pain were experiencing is not normal’not like before. Now I Do work but not"works that gives pressure I mean helping others like for example writing my story or something that you feel relive after doing it.
Sometimes I write poems that is related to what I feel at the moment.
And more of what do If still there I squeeze my stress doing this while counting a hundred times and its okay after. This simple things are helpful.

God Bless And Take Care,


Thank you for getting back to me and answering my post. Yes it is very true, I remind myself every day that I survived this traumatic ordeal and I do work two days a week at s local hospital . I try to help others and have a love of animals of which I have many and they help keep me calm and help with my anxiety at time. Take care and keep on pushing forward.

Check with friends to see if they can recommend anyone. It has to be a
good fit, I get it. Also check into NAMI. It’s a national resource and
they may have meetings. They can maybe help you find someone.

In February it will have been 6 years for me. I still struggle. Not every
day, but most. Give yourself a break. You can do this.

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That`s right! making your self useful and helpng others, Yes I Do adopt 1 kitten then, and now I Think I have 12 'funny but I think they are inviting cats and sharing their foods to stray cats too’
I think we have one thing in common, thats the love of

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Yes over the years I have rescued and had adopted thirteen cats and one dog found them all good homes, I still have three that I have kept. All have been spayed or neutered , very important and all are healthy and happy. They bring me comfort and keep me calm. Still,suffer with pain and anxiety I am trying to work through it.
My best to all Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Happy Healthy Peaceful New Year. :revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts::revolving_hearts:

I have learned that this all takes time, sometimes years. After my ruptured aneurism I can truly say I am not the same person. Dealing with constant leg and foot pain is difficult but I do know it could have been much worse. I did find a good therapist that I can share my feelings with and I am also taking medications for depression and anxiety. One good thing is that I am able to work a little part time job two days a week three hours each day, it is just about all I can handle but it gets me out of the house. I hope you can find some help, we have been through a traumatic event in our life and it will just take time and patience to hopefully get back to some normal way of life. Good luck and keep in touch as to how you are coming along.

We all had this things and more to come, I Just hope by sharing my experiences and to tell how to get over it makes or give some ease to some. I have had the worst ordeal of being a patient, Makes me stronger now , I survived it, makes it easier to understand the same situation. I give advices to couples with their marriage,teens problem and some like with these links too.
God bless and Have a properous new year to ALL!

I have found a very good therapist who I am comfortable with and also a mental health doctor that prescribes medications for my anxiety and depression. At times I feel ok but never great so my meds have been increased to help with this awful anxiety. Each day is a struggle but I always try to remind myself that I survived and how lucky I was to have good doctors. Do you still have problems with anxiety and depression?

Same here, I had a violent rupture and coil on Sept 11, 2017 and have all of these symptoms plus agitation too. I am on 5 different meds that they say are helping the depression, anxiety, agitation, mood swings, and PTSD but I still get panic attacks and it’s hard to go out without someone else there for support. This is very aggravating to me as before the rupture I was a very social person. Now it’s hard to take my son to the library where your not even supposed to talk.
Hopefully once the meds get straightened out and they find the right combination it will help more but definately dont feel alone.
Dont get me wrong, I am very grateful to still be alive and have very minimal deficiencies (short term memory and multi-tasking issues) even after having a stroke when it ruptured due to the amount of bleeding but life is hard every day. It is a constant fight to be in a decent mood and not replay the events of “that day” over and over again.
Thank you for sharing your response, you really resonated with me. Hope everything improves in time with you!!!


Hi Kim9!
I feel the same about my family losing patience with me. Either they get aggravated about my memory loss, anxiety, sleeplessness etc, or they over coddle me and make me feel like I cant do anything for myself. It is really hard. I had a rupture and coil on 9/11/17. Somedays are really bad and some days are only po partially bad. Hoping this new phyciatrist can get my meds figured out so things can start to get better. Thank you for sharing!!!

It was AWESOME to read your response…seems like we are experiencing EVERYTHING the same…im 9 months out now and fighting with insurance to pay for my follow up angiogram…I definitely have the anxiety attacks…every little pain I think im dying…it sucks…I was never like this…headaches are less frequent but mood swings are nuts…its reassuring to hear others experiencing the same problems…thanks for taking time to write this Gr8ful!!

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I’ve had the same reaction from family and friends. It’s been just over 6 years and my parents limit what they include me in. My dad has cancer and said he didn’t want me to go to the hospital because my mom would do better by herself. On one level I understand they know I’m very uncomfortable in hospitals and they worry I will melt down and cause them more worry. On the other hand why can’t they tell me that instead of treating me like a child? Everything to do with my aneurysm and it’s fallout is a pain.

Keep working with your doctor to get your meds where they are helping and don’t give up! It does get easier, but it seems like it’ll take forever.

Gr8ful4life … how we are so close - I do had the violent rupture and caused stroke.

I am having difficulty also with the “panic” issue. Especially group settings - I have had to walk away to be by myself, which is certainly not me “prior”.

I guess my missing part is finding a person/therapists to discuss my issues with. I am sitting here on my 6 month anniversary of life and just feel upset that absolutely no one has said a word. The day I had propped up as a milestone and no one seems to care.

Gr8ful4life … now I read your second post … Your sentence “Either they get aggravated about my memory loss, anxiety, sleeplessness etc, or they over coddle me and make me feel like I cant do anything for myself”, hits so hard - it is exactly what I deal with.

I hope that I can find the phyciatrist to help me with this

So sorry to jump into the conversation, just wanted to say you are so brave and have lot of courage, I hope you’ll feel better and feel happy again very soon, wish you all the best of luck and a very fast recovery.

Hi everybody I’m new to this group in June I had found out I had a brain aneurysm that was 5 mm they had me come in for a brain procedure where I got two stents and five coils so it’s been 3 months and I’m up walking around but now I don’t feel the same I can’t do what I used to do before I can’t lift a lot of heavy stuff I can’t even go back to work until November 1st because I get headaches but right now I forget a lot I know the way I’m talkin isn’t the way I used to talk I’m saying things wrong I’ve been really depressed nobody knows what I’m going through I went to my doctor’s then they sent me to my primary care doctor went to her told her how I was feeling and she suggests I go see a psychiatrist and I just feel like I’m not getting better and now they’re trying to just push me off to a psychiatrist I know things are wrong with me but now I got to go they want me to go to a psychiatrist and put me on more medicine they told me in February I’ll have to get another coiling procedure because my coils are compact I was scared to even write this because of my grammar sorry for my grammar