Depression, anxiety after aneurysm not surprising

I’ve seen many posts about depression or anxiety after treatment for aneurysms. In 2012 I spent 32 days in the hospital for a coiling procedure that led to vasospasms. I was drugged to the moon and hallucinated a LOT.

I have been diagnosed with PTSD. I’m not sure anyone with a brain injury like ours could NOT have some mental issues after this kind of thing. Each of us have similar, but different experiences, but its a major thing and should not be downplayed. Getting help is very important. Medication may be needed.

Please don’t hesitate to talk to someone, here, a friend, a doctor, or family. If they poopoo your symptoms, find a psychiatrist. We can work with the challenges with the correct treatment.

Be well.


I just had a ruptured aneurysm on 7/6/17 and had coils. I am experiencing EVERYTHING you speak about and have no idea who to talk to. I am scared…cant sleep and am feeling hopeless


Hi I’m coming up to my 3 years since my brain hemerge I also was coiled , u are very early days in ure recovery and I too experience feeling down and scared , but who wouldn’t we what we all have been throu , it dose get easier and u learn to live with what has happened but it will take time , I still have those days but not as much , I still have two but two small to b treated but I’ve learned that I can only look after and try not to worry as worrying only makes them grow , so I’m trying to enjoy my life as best I can , I hope u can try too , take care :slight_smile:


I’ve been lucky in that my doctors were great, and i had good support from family and friends. I’m on disability now, but that has drawbacks too. But it’s helped with my stress levels.

Sleeplessness seriously sucks. I sill suffer from it. I live in Colorado so I can use marijuana to help. I also take Trazodone. Talk to your regular doctor, see if they can recommend a psychiatrist, most of them are pretty strange but you just need them to prescribe antidepressants if you need them. Ask around for a therapist that can help you work through the PTSD from going through this trauma. If you try one and it’s not a good fit try another one - that’s very important.

Aside from all that it’s a matter of accepting your new normal. THIS part is the hardest. My Neuro surgeon said I should give it 6 months to a year to see what function comes back. You’re still in that time window. Be gentle with yourself.


The sleep problem is DEFINITELY the worse part!! How long has it been for you?

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Congrats on the 3 years and thank you for responding. Definitely sending prayers that your others stay small and you continue to put this all behind you!!:grin:

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5 years. Once I get to sleep it’s around 3-4 am. And I can sleep 10-12
hours at a stretch. It builds anxiety because you tell yourself, “I HAVE
to get some sleep.” I’ve been fortunate to be on disability so I can
indulge my sleep dysfunction.

Keep in mind that a ruptured aneurysm is a Traumatic Brain Injury (it’s a
thing, lots of info online). And the brain requires a huge amount to
energy to recuperate. Accepting my new normal has been my biggest hurdle.
Except my mom keeps telling me it’s going to come back and I’ll be all the
way functional again.

Sorry about the tangent, it’s late and I’m pooped.

Everyone’s experience is different. I hope you know how soon it is after
your experience. Not even 3 months. Don’t push too hard to get back to
normal. It will come when healing takes place, nothing you can will make
it faster.

Breathe. Meditate or pray.


Absolutely, Erica, and Ben’s Friends has a TBI community as well. We have several people, such as @Merl, who belong to both.

Seenie from Moderator Support.


Hey Erica,
This is @Merl. @ModSupport mentioned me in the post above. I’m a member and moderator at the site as well as a member here.

You are most definitely correct, a rupture is a Traumatic Brain Injury. The impact can be massive and some days are less difficult than others. I say ‘less difficult’ as for some the impact may seem minimal, where for others it can be catastrophic. Previously, prior to my own situation, I taught people with disabilities independent living skills for 20+yrs. I taught people with intellectual disabilities, physical disabilities, brain injuries and sensory impairments. Many of my clients had brain injuries that where multi facetted (intellect, physical and sensory). No two injuries are the same and nor the impairments and nor their recoveries. I had a few surgeries myself (6) and no two have been the same.

You have given some really good information through this topic. Some things contained there I’m sure many people need to know. Most of all, we are not alone. There are many of us facing similar battles.


I didn’t have a rupture they found mine before it happened. Large berry aneurysm near left from mcl. I couldn’t have it could bcuz of the shape and location is what I was told. After clipping I had a vasospasm they didn’t think I would make it. I had to learn how to speak again. Didn’t even know my name. But since then my anxiety has been bad. If someone opens a door I freak out. Wake up in a panic attack. See things that aren’t there. What’s wrong with me :frowning: I have no one that understands this.

You have us! I had vasospasms too. They had me in the hospital for 32 days. I had PTSD prior to my rupture, but it’s infinitely worse now. If you haven’t already, see your Dr about antianxiety meds or find a psychiatrist who isn’t a complete nut (for some reason they’re usually are). Or better, a nurse practitioner who can oversee your mental health. Then…it takes time. And practice. Learn to meditate, or pray. Get an animal that can comfort you. And this might sound hokey, but I got a Himalayan salt lamp and I feel soothed when it’s on. We’re here. Breathe deeply.

Before the surgery I had my anxiety in control , so I’m stuck trying to find a place to get into. In the area I am in it takes months to be seen by a new Dr or anything. Thank you for responding. Did you ever feel crazy or just useless? After surgery I also have really bad pain in my foot and leg. I have problems walking. So that just adds on to the issue. How long ago was your surgery? Why do doctors not tell ppl what’s really going to happen after surgery!

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I totally understand how you feel my surgery for unruptured aneurysm was a year ago and I often feel like I am getting worse. My anxiety has just about made me unable to do anything. My poor husband I don’t know how he deals with me. my anxiety,forgetfulness then depression about how you feel. The doctors tell you nothing going in or coming out and your love ones know even less. Sorry for sounding like such a downer but I am feeling so alone and I feel like everyone one is losing patience with me. I send deepest prayers for everyone to have a speedy recovery and thank you to everyone here for lending there support for us


Crazy, yes. Useless, ongoing. It’s been 5 1/2 years since my rupture.

Doctors only understand the big stuff. But some of the little things are what trips me up. Like my fine motor control is in the 1st percentile. Not because my muscles quiver but because I can’t tell which muscles to use. When my aneurysm ruptured my body felt like each part was in a different spot. Knees on my left ear, toes on my earlobes and so on. I think this is what causes me to fall over when I change direction.

My second angiogram caused nerve damage so when I walk the muscle across my left leg goes numb. It’s worse when I stand awhile. Doctors just look at me like I’m nuts.

We must be our own health advocates. Research symptoms and check for other survivors to see if they have some ideas.

Doctors know a lot about the brain, but it’s in no way comprehensive. It’s still a mystery for the most part. FYI they found that the gut has almost as many neurons as the brain - so be good to your tummy.

Where was I going…oh. Doctors don’t know what side effects you may experience because they dont know what or if there will be any. Unfortunately, it leaves us to do it ourselves. Google for resources, symptoms, treatments, yoga, online classes. What ever gets you taking more control of your life might help you cope. Hugs to you both.

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Aww I am sorry that you feel that way. Anytime you need to talk I am here. I feel useless and ugly, and I am scared of everything. It isn’t happy.

Thank you for the support :hugs:

I too had a ruptured aneurysm in 2004 and also had the coils, it was wrapped tangled in my optic nerve so it couldn’t be removed. I went through halucinations and then depression, 13 years later I am still battling the depresson although it did get much better, I have anxiety and never had either of these prior to. Every morning I wake up and thank the universe for another day and I try to get through it the best way I can.
I no longer feel alone since I have joined this sight. Every day I wake up on this side of the grass its a bonus day. The people I work with have cut me little or no slack, they have been down right cruel to me at times but hey I don’t let it bother me I stopped conversation with any of them and just do my job, sometimes I have to stay over a half hour or more to complete things because it is much harder for me and learning new things oh my God it is the worst, but thankfully I only have two years and I will retire with 30 as assistant to my superintendent to our local district. I was on disability retirement for 1.5 years and I fought to go back and when they are bein cruel to me I often wonder why, I think I had to prove to myself I could do it… Never give up on yourself… keep going even if it hurts keep trying.

Funny, I am back at work but getting treated differently than before. Some of the meds I take for the headaches Definitely slow me down also!!
Sending Prayers your way…one day at a time!!

hi! hows it going? You hallucinate with a non-ruptured? Are you under a neurologists care? I’ve never heard of this in 8 yrs. Prayers, tc

I had cranial surgery 21 years ago after the birth of my son for clipping of posterior communicating aneurysm and had haemorrhage on operating table. Very poorly after huge anxiety panic attacks severe depression with 4 children to bring up on my own. Survived. Had subrachnoid haemorrhage 4 years ago lost a month of my life but surprisingly recovered really well and went back to work after 2 months. Stupid!! Last year was diagnosed with new aneurysm in original clip site and new aneurysm on carotid artery. Had original site aneurysm coiled and stent in good recovery. Then in April had stent in for carotid aneurysm. Have felt incredibly tired since major depression and so black it is hard to manage even the little things. I have gone back to work finances horrendous but not managing well. I’m due in tomorrow for angiogram to check all is well as can’t have MRI due to clip. Stressed massive anxiety feeling of dread horrendous. I have fabulous children who are supportive but unless you’ve been there it’s impossible too understand. Worried sick they will find something else. I’m reaching out for support thank youx