Dealing with my husband of 20 years brain aneurysm and the unknowns

Is there a life expectancy for a person who has a coiled brain aneurysm? 1 year or 10 years?

I can only tell you that this was one of my many questions that i had for my neurosurgeon at my 6 week check. As i was asking him this I realized that he had just given me a life. Had i never found out about aneurysm or had my surgery, that was paper thin and he could see the blood swirling. He told me it would have reptured. So I don’t know what or how much time i have, but as he said it would now be the same as any 45 year old woman , as i was 45 at the time
now that i have had clipping…i would really advise you to ask your surgeon and neurolgist , there are no bad questions for us.

how old r u now?


Every case is different. That being said, there are MANY variables. Did he have a rupture? Were there more than one aneurysm? Where in his brain was it located? What hospital was he coiled at? What was the experience level of the Neuro surgeon/Neurological Interventional Radologist?

Aneurysm patients have been coiled for over 15 years. With time and experience, and better coils and stents the practice of coiling has gotten even better. It is now considered safer than clipping in most rupture situations. My Neurological Interventional radiologist said that there is no reason to worry and I don’t have to go back for another angiogram for 3 years, although I will have yearly MRA/MRIs. I had a rupture over four years ago and I’m fine (my rupture was when I was 46, and I’m now 50).

So the short answer is that we don’t know, but please look on the bright side. He’s alive!

JulieNH - thank you. I needed to hear that. –

Frank had a rupture on 3/15/10 - he was life flighted to UPMC Presbyterian hospital in Pittsburgh, Pa. from our local hospital. They got him stable and did the angiogram the next morning with coiling. He was the healthiest NeuroIntensive Care patient you’d ever want to see. talking, joking, texting friends. well that all changed on 3/21/10 - they moved him to the step down unit - he had a stroke - they took him back and did another angiogram to break up the blood clot that attached itself to the coiling and blocked the artery. The Neurosurgeon told me he took a very serious stroke down to a slight stroke. – which he did. To look at Frank you’d never know how sick he was until he starts to talk. – His though process is wonderful. understands everything you say to him. He returned to work full time 12 weeks after his bleed on June 7th. He has 2 aneurysms - the one that bled and they coiled and a very small one on the right side of his brain. He goes for another angiogram on Sept 17th to check on the aneurysms.

Frank sounds like he’s doing VERY well to be back to work 12 weeks after a rupture and a stroke. I also had a stroke and a second small aneurysm that they’re watching (it hasn’t gotten larger in four years, it’s just there), I had speach, occupational, and physical therapy after 25-28 days in NICU. Honestly, it does get better!

I know Frank’s rupture was very hard on you. My poor husband went thru all of this too, so I know what you’re feeling. Have you thought about joining an “in person” support group in your area? It might be very good for both of you. Check out and “support groups” and see if there is one in your area. Here in northern New England we didn’t have an area group, so we started one.

Please let us know how Frank’s angiogram goes. Be sure to get a CD copy of the films for your own records.

thank U for your concern, I will go to the DR. Nice to know their are such kind people out there…Thanks Shirley H.