Daily feelings

I have a hard time with loud noises,vibrations and bright lights

You’re not alone. There are times when the sound of my own voice whispering is too loud inside my head. I’m freaking out a bit tonight because I’m having an MRI tomorrow. The last one I had gave me severe migraines for days. It will gt better. Hang in there!

Hi Howard...Tara is right you aren't alone...after my coiling loud noises and talking on the phone...hurt my head so much...I couldn't be around either...it has gotten better, but I can't really talk on a phone anymore for an extended amount of time...and loud noises will still bother me, but nothing like after surgery...~

Hello Howard, i found that any noise was 10 times louder after my surgery, lights too were too bright.

I had clipping done. those after symptoms lasted about 3 months.


Oh yes! Loud noises, bright lights, too much input (like large crowds or a group of people all talking at once), and even certain odors are hard for me still. I has been almost 4 months since my surgery. It still hard for me to navigate certain situations and some things still easily bring on headaches. But it is not as intense as before. Just takes time to heal.