Loud noises

Hello everyone! Hope you are all doing well. I was wondering if anyone else is or has has problems coping with loud noises? Ive had problems coping with any loud noises. It makes me a nervous wreck! I start to feel nervous, anxious, and stressed out to the point if i dont get away i start to shake. Any feedback is appreciated.

Sheena, ask your neuros about getting your hearing tested ... if your treatment was in/near the area of your cranial nerve VIII...(vestibulocochlear)... You may want to research it on the 'net...there are a lot of sites to check thru... even pics of the anatomy of where the 12 are located.

I have apx 1/3 hearing loss; even w/loss...I get reactions (including not knowing direction of some noises) and, as time has advanced (passed) there are some days where hearing in my right ear drops entirely...from minutes to a day or so...that I have not had tested...I also have hearig loss/tinnitus in my left ear...

Also, do you have any balance loss? Somehow balance is related to hearing/vision...

Please do ask your neuros about being tested...

Best wishes / prayers for getting the professional answers...

Yes, I am still very sensitive to loud noises, too, and it has been 9 years today that I had a rupture and coiling procedure. I seem to really notice it if I am in a crowded, noisy restaurant. I thought it would get better over time but it hasn’t so far.

Hi Sheena...almost the first 6 months after I was coiled...I couldn't stand loud noises or crowds...oh my God...I thought I was going crazy...this got better as I will soon be coming up on 1 year since surgery...however...some loud noises still bother me...and I have accepted as my "new normal"...

I talked to my neurologist...and found out this can happen sometimes from the coiling...but should get better...perhaps you should talk to your Doctor...

Keep us posted...and know you are in my Thoughts...Colleen

Sheena, Loud noises will absolutely drive me crazy. Went to church yesterday & the music was exceptionally loud. When I left my head was really hurting. Crowds I don't like either. I feel like I'm being penned in, & get really nervous. I had my rupture w/ coiling a year ago, with coiling & stent just put in. Also, have unbalance, but wokring on that.

Thinking of you.


Wow, I'm not alone either, I just thought I was getting old...lol. I don't like being around loud music or noise right now. It is strange. I turn everything down to low volume. It does seem to make me nervous and kinda grouchy. I guess it's part of the recovery.

Hope all goes well for you and thanks for sharing.


I cant stand loud noises and i’m 2yrs out on wednesday, i look to run and hide. I put on the radio or something to block them out, hope this helps.

wow nine years , i'll be two on wednesday.

Colleen....how did your neuro explain it? I cringe when I hear / read "can happen sometimes from coiling" and not how/why... I am sitting here imagining the common md explanation; i.e. short and imprecise. And, if you got your written record, presumably it may have a statement that it may likely relate to coiling...

Hugs, Pat

Hi Aggie...it has been a long time since a hello...

When I think about, I go out very little; but do go in off-hours of the majority...when I have to get to the store. etc.

Because of my known, tested, f/up tests, on my hearing loss; I hope/pray that you all will have your auditory testing done. It has to be the more extensive test (cannot remember name).

I so sense the hearing issue is so ignored. My hearing loss is no where in my records; except it is in the referrl forms to home health care. So it is known to some exten; yet not in my records, nor family advised. It was almsot a year later when the initial testing was done.

I pray this is another issue that gets opened up; I am surprised to hear / read so much of it now; I thought I was the only, or of very very few.



Karen; it has been eight years for me; and, it has not gone away; nor have I regained (or lost more of) the one type of hearing loss; e.g. sensori-neural. It doesn;t mean you all have the same; but work in the brain is near the inner ear and the auditory nerve.

I hope more will respond / share.



Hi Pat...he didn't really explain...in detail...just told me it will get better...and look so many of you it hasn't gotten better...mine is better than the first 6 months...however, I still cringe had so much...loud tv, no radio in my car, crowds can still get me...etc., me bad...I just try and accept that this is the way it is...the "new normal"...and these things I can walk away with ... but a paralysis or death I couldn't...does that make sense?

I am working on getting information from my neurosurgeon...that is an entire different post...it has been a time and awful getting information...not to mention ... I still can't get a response on my MRI/MRA...they will write a letter...I "should" be compatiable after coiling...hmmm???? no one likes that "should" word...want more detail and I can't seem to get it...my entire health problems for many years, even b4 annie days...is always a fight...sad, but true...somedays I have the fight in me...and somedays I donot...

It is always good to see you around Pat...Have a beautiful day...Hugs Colleen

Sensitivity to certain kinds of noise has been a significant residual issue. It took a long time to put my finger on just what it is for me. I think it's important to remember that for every individual different parts of the brain have been damaged or not damaged, and to different degrees. In my case, volume is not as much of an issue as the NUMBER OF SOURCES of noise. For example, if I'm at a party where there's loud music and lots of people are talking, I won't be able to distinguish what's being said to me; all sounds become white noise. I can see my conversation-mate's lips move, discern facial expressions, but can't "hear" a word he's saying. I find it's harder to try to work with that situation than to just get out of it, so I avoid it.

I noticed this as well. Although I also get stressed with too many conversations at once (too many stimuli and difficulty processing them all at once). My doctor said I wouldn't be able to process many different things at once; hence, the delay in driving. I usually leave the room to avoid all the stimuli and rest my brain. :)

I had to leave my High School reunion last night, just way to loud and way to much stimuli… Makes me a bit jittery, took me a couple hours to get calmed down… I will say it’s better then it used to be…


i know with my own experience, since i had a rupture w/coiling...lol..sounds like im putting n a order for a hamburger...anyhows..about 4 wks after the rupture my husband n i were gonna go have lunch..we sat n placed our order(the place was empty)...i could hear the pans clanking n banging around..it was crazy..i felt the bionic woman because the sounds seemed to be magnified 500xnormal hearing rate..we werent able to stay n eat but did get our stuff n eat at home..lights were almost blinding...it seems that light n sound sensitivity r def effected..the good news is it does get better ...it took me a good 6 mo to see a difference..i too am 2 yrs anny free n find myself wearing sunglasses more often..but the sound thing has pretty much went away..i guess its our brains healing...and dont delay n letting ur primary dr know u would like something for anxiety..i use ativan, it is a lifesaver..i dont have the panicky,freakin out episodes hardly ever..n if i feel one coming on i take my meds n within 10 min i feel a sigh of relief come over me..it ..meaning life, does get better n the more time you gain from the anny incident the safer you will feel..i call it my safezone..lol..the less anxiety attacks will begin to fade away....keeping u n my prayers sweety..God bless u

Loud noises don’t really bother me but a lot of competing sounds drive me crazy. I can’t handle crowds or parties, or at least not for very long. Even a dull hum of a lot of different people talking will affect me. I have a physical reaction to it in that I get what I can only describe as two little knots of tension in the back of my head, and I still start to feel warm. I’ve never actually tested it while it’s happening, but it’s the same feeling I get when my blood pressure is high.