I read an article that said drinking coffee with a treated or not treated anureysm could cause it to rupture… Has anyone heard of this before?

Wow...I haven't heard this one Tansy...however, I do have high Bp...that has to be controlled ... bad can cause a rupture...well coffee/caffeine is bad for high Bp...can raise it...I do have 1 to 2 cups in the morning, but that is it...anything more than that I get jittery...

hi Tansy-yes i just heard dr. on abc news saying this about caffeine. I'm now recalling when i drank a "monster" soda at work at an inservice meeting-i didnt know it was loaded with cafeine-i couldn't sit still!! iwas running back & forth cleaning up everyones trash!!!! i didn't like the jittery feeling it created, but personally i was off all caffeine when i had the sah rupture. i assume your refering to the caffeine content in the coffee. funny you should say tho i was just considering going back to caffeine-i thought it might reduce sinus pressure headache since quiting caffeine can give you headaches!-thats what adtkins diet said anyway,thanks for your input- i would definetly ask the dr if anyones concerned about their caffeine intake,God bless you & yours

Hello Tansy.. My Neuro told me there was a study done this year and that coffee was a big no no.. i used to drink alot of coffee each day.. i quit and it wasnt fun but i feel alot better now.. I was cranky for about 10 days :) i would just not drink as much or not at all.. i know its hard.. take care :) virginia

I find that very interesting.. My Dr. never said a word about it.. I have a Annie, they placed the PED in Apr 2012. My Dr. told me I could go back to regular activity two weeks post.. Yeah right.. I was a runner and have not hit the pavement in 4 1/2 months due to headaches on the left side where the Annie is.. There is a list of things in the article that say can trigger a rupture.. 2. 3. Anger 4. soda 5. straining. 6.blowing your nose. Heavy Exercise . WOW what a list.. If I had not be doing some research I would have never known.. I love coffee and I love to Exercise so that's a bummer.. I know they talk about blood pressure and mine is sky high, with my 3 year old throwing his tantrums every 5

Hi Tansy… Interesting question… Would you share the link for the article with us?


Hello Tansy, hope you're well.

Coffee elevates blood pressure, but i don't think it can cause a rupture. I have read medical documents that people with unruptured annies should not drink coffee.

I love coffee, but i only drink decaf coffee. The cafeine is taken out of it, so it's safer for me and i can still have coffee without the buzz, lol.


Can't say that I heard this Tansy...and I would be a grumpy lady if I couldn't have my morning coffee. I know while I was in the hospital they let me have my morning coffee once I was well enough to be eating on my own. The doctor never told me I was restricted from drinking it. I know when I first complained about migraines they wanted me to restrict my caffeine intake but I didn't hear anything after that.

Hi Tansy. Not sure if my info is right, but years ago (before I knew I had an aneurysm) I heard about a study that caffeine helps headaches. I know coffee has helped my pre-op headaches because when I had to fast for bloodwork I used to get a big one. Minute BW was done, had coffee and relief immediately.

Also, FIORICET was given to me for my post-op migraines and that has caffeine in it, unless its of a different kind.

Just a copy & paste:

Fioricet (acetaminophen, butalbital, and caffeine) is used to treat tension headaches that are caused by muscle contractions. Includes Fioricet side effects ...

I googled coffee and brain anureysm and it came up…

Hi Tansy,

Here is an excerpt from a USA Today article that addresses caffeine and aneurysms. It also itemizes other normal behaviors that could cause a rupture.

“…,the study, published online May 5 in the journal Stroke, researchers asked 250 patients who had suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm about their exposure to 30 possible triggers before the hemorrhage.
The investigators found that being startled raised the risk of burst aneurysm in someone who already has an aneurysm by the highest level — 23-fold. Anger boosted the risk by 6 times. Other things raised the level, too: Coffee (2 times), cola (3 times), straining for defecation (7 times), sexual intercourse (11 times), nose blowing and vigorous physical activity (both 2 times).
The cause seems to be higher blood pressure, said study lead author Dr. Monique H.M. Vlak, since all eight activities cause blood pressure to rise…”

It appears that the bottom line is aneurysms can rupture in almost any situation.

Take care.

Thanks, I agree that pretty much anything can them rupture.SAD:(

i know coffee triggers my headaches in the afternoon.


I asked my doctor this very question and he said one cup a day is fine. My unruptured annie was coiled in July.


Oh crap!!!
Reading this I’ve got a problem… I drink a massive amount of coffee daily!

wow- it was specific! it said coffee specifically then cola,straining etc. Go figure i quit coffee 2 yrs prior to sah due to recommendation by a friend re heartburn, thank you for your research Jo! "startled" category has got me confused is that like seeing me in a dark alley! or a car suddenly appearing in the blind spot or the cash register at walmart. i think i'll remove all mirrors for safe measure!!

Hi Jo. On the #2 - "If you no longer have an aneurysm giving up coffee is not relevant." Wouldn't we always have our aneurysm's but they are now repaired aneurysm's? I've always been curious about this. I see my neuro in a few weeks and will have to ask that question.

I'm almost positive I did already ask her if I was considered a person still with an aneurysm and she said yes, just a 'repaired' one. I had a clipping on 10-10-11. If the ani dies off, what happens to the clip? Does that fall? I also have titanium screws and 2 plates in that area putting my skull back together. I have to ask her again and be more specific. I see her middle of Sept and supposed to have a mri. Not sure if I want one though. So afraid they will find another. I realize its a 50/50 chance but not sure I want to go through this again.

Hi Jeanne,

Another perspective.

My 43 year old clips are visible in my angiogram where it was placed. I don’t have plates or screws.

I have unruptured aneurysms that put me at risk. But, I don’t think of the one that was clipped as being a vulnerabiity. None of my doctors have suggested that the clipped one continues to be a risk, either.

Take care.


No Dr. has suggested I give up coffee. I drink about 2 cups of strong coffee a day. Most of the studies I read are about all the benefits of coffee (selective reading, yes) It helps mental function and fights off depression. It is used in many migraine medications. Personally my rupture happened when I blew my nose up in the mountains.