Can any survivors please help me?

Hello All, It’s great I have found a great website. I have not had an aneurysm but my grandfather did and he did not make it. For the past few years I have been having excruciating headaches but more recently (about two months) I have been having pain in my right eye along with headaches and have gone to the eye dr. who said eye is healthy and gave me eye drops for dry eyes. My eye and all around it hurts really bad and headaches daily. I have expressed my concern to my dr. about fear of an aneurysm but he dosen’t take it seriously. I’m 40 yrs old and scared to death of leaving two children behind and a great husband because of something that can be diagnosed. I’m not sure what they symptoms of an unruptured aneuryms is but please if anyone can help me, I would appreciate it. God Bless You. Julie.

Hi again Julie,

Tell your doctor that you want to be tested!!!..It’s his job as your doctor…

Good Luck

I agree with Kimberley. If it were me, I would be tested.

Honestly, aneurysm or not, when your having headaches daily, if it were me I would want to be scanned.

Make sure your doctor is aware that you have a family history of aneurysms…and DEMAND to be tested! Usual test are MRI/MRA or CT scan with contrast.

go to another dr one that will do runs in the family.better to be sure then not.good luck and let us know how you make out .we care god bless linda

100% in agreement you have a family history and are having some symptoms that could be related to having one…get tested asap to be on the safe side…and if you dont they can get you something to treat the headaches…keeping you in my prayers…your gonna be fine

Get your family dr to do a MRA since you have a family history of aneurysms.

hi michele my husband had a brain aneursym 6 weeks ago things are still touch and go

Hello Julie,
Please tell your doctor that you want to be tested by having an MRA or you feel that you will have to find another PCP. Another way is if you do not need referrals is to go to a neurologist and talk with him and ask for a MRA and they will do it. They now the seriousness far more then PCP. You can always ask PCP for referral to neurologist.
Aneurysms do run in families and are deadly as you already now, but they are also survivable and so live changing. Please get changed. It is bad medicine not to have you tested. Would he/she do this with breast cancer in your family…don;t think so…best of luck…please keep us posted, and be your own advocate, be firm and be strong on this issue.


I agree - this is a time to be a squeaky wheel and insist on getting tested. Chances are (just to relax you a little) that you’re fine, most people w migraines dont have aneurysms, and most people w family history don’t have aneurysms ---- but you do need to be checked. My dad had a ruptured aneurysm in his later 60’s (survived) and I thank God discovered I had 3 unruptured ones at age 44 (surgery 5 weeks ago). I now am on the path to have one of my kids (teen) checked as she’s had migraines since very young, and supposedly they occur earlier in subsequent generations when there’s family history. Keep us posted!