Brief Short term Memory

My Aneurysm was stented in 2017
Apart from some horrible side effects from anti epileptic meds ( did not have epilepsy before treatment)
I was discharged from the neuro clinic as the Aneurysm is clear.
My short term memory appears to have got worse, not a major problem as seems brief, but for example if i am watching TV and the adverts come on, i don’t remember what i am watching until it comes back on.

I work in IT, and not the ideal job as a lot of thinking and processing etc. I cannot multitask as i used too, but i think that is natural after everything

Anyway, who would be the best Doctor to approach, as i say i have been discharged form Neruro and i currently see a different specialist for the seizures. Maybe see my GP first to explain.


My aneurysm was coiled in 2013. I was a librarian cataloger, so used to working in programming and technical matters. Short term memory loss made returning to that impossible, I had to retire earlier than planned. I miss structure of days, contacts, and routines of work, taking classes and just taking time with friends. So much has changed. I’m amazed how many have serious health issues and are passing away. Life and health is a gift indeed, but I did not think time and our ends would be so constant.

Losing short term memory definitely takes it’s toll. I am alone and weary of crabby, insulting, impatient folks all about. But especially those who should have compassion, i.e., medical pros and friends.

Life is stressful I know, maybe this annie was my signal to get off the rat race, rush train. I’m trying a variety of things to settle into it and manage stress and health issues. Slowly back to activities that are worthwhile and offer solace and peace.
Best wishes,

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Danbury99, I think the GP is a great start! After rupture I’ve been to speech therapy a few times and they have great ideas on helping with short term memory loss. Some things I do is use sticky notes, I keep a lot of things in my calendar or notes on my phone. One thing I do daily is look at the date on my phone. I also play some logic and word games on my tablet, often repeat my to do list to see if I can remember everything. Just some ideas, hope others can help, good luck and let us know how it goes!

I think the stress of it all does not help, and during surgery my Eye nerve was damaged, so have a squint and need glasses with a frosted lens to prevent double vision. Looking at computer screens all day, plus the difficulty of taking in information makes me a bit irritable and tired.

Luckily my memory does not affect general important activities like taking my meds at a set time everyday, but i do find sometimes thinking did i take them?

My work involves lots of calendar reminders to do work which is nothing new, but i do find my self constantly going over stuff iv’e already done just to make sure i have done it, and after a while that does take it’s toll.
One wrong click could be a disaster. Probably not a good idea to be an Air Traffic Controller :slight_smile:
Anyway Aneurysm was not ruptured, and the specialist i saw recently said he could refer me if memory becomes an issue.

It sounds like you’re keeping on top of things. Keep it up! Maybe turn the light down on your electronics, computer, tablet, phone. I lost some peripheral vision and my right eye does wonky things to my brain, hard to explain, but rupture was on left side and it seems it wants to shut my brain down at times. Had to laugh at the ATC comment!

right frontal lobe, craniotomy with clip repair
I have short term memory as well. TV issue is the same. Reading is frustrating, I read along and then forget the last two paragraphs. I totally understand how you feel. I have 4 doctors I see on a regular basis, this is something I believe I have to live with. Been on many different meds (over 13 yrs now), have had all my scans CAT, MRI, MRA … with and without contrast. Only thing that has occurred over time is that “scar tissue may have formed around the clip”. Honestly I’ve had brain surgery once, I came through with a few things that I can live with.
Don’t want to have scar tissue removed - it will just grow back.
Try to hang in there. I do puzzles, sudoku, crosswords some computer games (not to crazy), anything to exercise my brain. Somethings I’ve improved on, and others I have remained status quo.
All my best to you