In need of help

I suffered a TIA at work on March 2nd this year. It was discovered that I had a large aneurysm behind my right eye. My coiling was done on 3/13/11. It has been almost 5 months and I am still not myself. My aneurysm did not rupture; my TIA was very small, so why am I having so much short term memory issues? I was once a very outgoing person, now I don't want to leave home because I get frustrated with myself. What is normal? After surgery I was just sent home. No follow-up no expectations given. Just a "see ya in a year" and you might have headaches.

I forget to do the things that were once on auto pilot. I forget to take meds, brush my teeth, bathe regularly, leave the house with a purse/wallet, do routine chores, and manage my check book! My husband has been AWESOME and taken over being my guide/protector. As much as I love and appreciate him helping me, I do not like feeling like a child!

I have started doing Sudoku’s, crossword puzzles, etc. as I was told they help with memory function.

I am frightened, want my life back, and am not sure where to start. I have contacted my doctors and have yet to recieve a return call, also frustrating.

Reading is a great tool, EVEN IF YOU DON'T REMEMBER reading them. it keeps your brain stimulated, and helps other areas of the brain to get stronger, sort of pick up the slack for the weaker area. i STILL have memory problems, and still get scared. you are very fortunate to have your husband there, and one of the hardest things is going to be ALLOWING someone to help, with even the simplest things. journaling works , as you can go back to it, every day, and see what you may not remember. i locked myself out of the house, and had to walk to a store, call a friend to bring the spare key to get me back in!!!!! look at it this way---- you'll end up having some fun stories and memories to smile at, when you don't really feel like smiling

hope this helps a little


I am seeing a neurologist on the 23rd! I have been using sticky notes, we liked your idea and will be putting that together this weekend.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Yes, it does help, this website has been wonderful. I don't feel alone anymore! The advice has been great, but the knowledge that I am not alone has been powerful. I did not realize that I needed that too until now.

Thank you so much


Welcome; so hope you can find help and support through a neurolgoist and other resources.

Sorry I do not have a web address... (memroy); PositScience has great games/exercises. Put the name in the search column. Posit has a monthly email newsletter; can sign on for.

They do provide (market) programs, i.e. Brain Fitness, others...I am not a stock-holder or marketeer; I do recommend their various programs/games, including one on driving and a unique word game.

After eight years, I can only do one subject at a time; when distracted it can take hours to days to weeks to reprogram my thought process. Sticky tags do not re-program that. I did put a list on the door to remind me to check heat, keys, glasses, etc when I am GPS gets me home...

Many prayers for your recovery; I am so envious of your being pampered!


i had the same thing no info, i was told to go online ,lol some help but im glad i did. i found so much out that helped me so much, try some memory games and go out more each day and build yourself to longer periods out doors. I think you you are scared now but that would go away, you may not be yourself for up to a year but everyone is different. Go slow dont rush save the energy for more important things.