So scared

My girlfriend had two aneurysms she had surgery and was doing well but now she’s having seizures she’s having a lot of short term memory loss and I’m just wondering if anyone else is going through this any information can help

Hi Dave, your fear is natural. There is trauma for everyone from the suddenness and seriousness of an aneurysm. Congratulations first of all that your girlfriend survived her rupture and the surgery. Take this all one day at a time. Each day after surgery is a victory. If your girlfriend is awake, tell her you are there and you love her.
Is she still in ICU?
Seizures are not unusual after an aneurysm. There is medication to manage them. I am the wife of a ruptured aneurysm survivor, 25 months ago now. Short term memory loss goes with the territory. Almost all survivors of ruptures have memory issues. They certainty can improve over time. Welcome to this site and best wishes to you and your girlfriend for her recovery. You are not alone.

Thank you for the information she is home it’s almost a year since the aneurysm and for the most part she is doing great it’s just the unknown that has me scared. Is this the last time I get to see my best friend. I am so emotionally spent I can’t think straight I just want to be here for her. Well thank you for your support DAVID

Hi Dave Super scary stuff I know!! I had a pipeline stent put in to treat 2 brain aneurysms 18 days ago. This is my second pipeline procedure. The first one in 2011. That one was a piece of cake,Back to work in 3 weeks. This one a bit tougher! Headache and memory, word recall issues, no sense of taste and a few other issues. Just take it one day at a time. It is definitely a process!!

That is exactly where she is memory loss loss it taste it’s been a year and we don’t think she’ll ever go back to work thank you for all your information. David

Hi David,

First, your Girlfriend is in great hands with your support. I have seen some awful stories where caretaker/provider abandoning a survivor. I would recommend seeing a Neurologist who is closely tied to the hospital where your Girlfriend had surgery. This Neurologist can have access to imaging scans (MRI, MRA, CT scans) Your Girlfriend can also request Surgeon notes which will detail location of aneurysm and level of bleed. In this way, she can have her seizures addressed. My friend who suffered from a car accident had severe seizures. He had EGG evaluation to test for pre-seizure conditions.

For memory, it seems to be a common issue with Aneurysm survivors. Most occur along Circle of Willis affecting front and mid brain. A Professor of Neurology (Chair of Neurology) gave a lecture to our survivor group on memory strategy. In his lecture, he discussed memory strategy, rigorous exercise (if possible) and music. I also recommend keeping a journal. In this way, you can see what works and does not work in the long run.

I wish your Girlfriend the best. With your kindness and dedication, she will be on the road to recovery. I am a ruptured aneurysm survivor in the vertebral/PICA with SAH by the brain stem. I work on my disabilities (vision/ocular, balance, vertigo) every day.