I’m 18 and expecting a baby boy in 3 months. I am a survivor of an brain aneurysm when I was 12. I had many appointments after , in 2009 mY surgeon released me with no restrictions. Does anybody know if its Ok to give vaginal birth?? I’m needing answers.

Hi Abbie,

Definitely talk to your prior neurosurgeon or have OB/GYN speak to Neurosurgeons.

Sorry, I have no experience with this, but want you to know that I will be praying.



Thank you!! I have tried getting intouch with them, but it seems they don’t like to call back . But thank you:)

I had my first one year after my first stent & coiling procedure, my second son I still had another annie it was very tiny but started to grow when my second son was born at 6 months old I had my second surgery. But with my first son I was in labor for 2 days then had to have a C-section he was to big. As long as your blood pressure is fine at least that's what the doctors told me. Good Luck I pray that everything goes well for you.

Thank You!

Again Welcome...I think you should discuss this question with your Surgeon and your is very important...~ keep us posted...~ Colleen

My Gyno said I should be perfectly fine. MY surgeon has moved States , so its hard to get in touch with another one.

"Should" not a definite...I think you need to make an appointment with a Neurosurgeon in your area...take your medical records (on the surgery) and ask your pregnancy question...~

Well, I called Childrens, and just to get my medical records will be a hassle.which is ridiculous. The neurosurgeon nurse I talked to said I will be fine cause the 2009 scan has no signs of me ever having an AVM

This is you have your answer that a vaginal delivery is fine...~ I am sorry abbie...I thought you didn't know what to this post wrong...good luck on your delivery ... ~ Colleen

Ps...many of us have her medical isn't a hassle...just takes a bit of is important for us survivors to have them for future medical situations...

I have 2 annys and just had one coiled 3 weeks ago that apparently has been there for quite some time -- the one coiled was at a point where it could have ruptured and luckily never did -- I have a 5 year old and almost 3 year old that I delivered naturally with it unknowing and untreated. My babies were 8 lbs 1 oz and 9 lbs 2 oz. Your anny was treated if I am understanding correctly so I would say you are in the clear! congrats on becoming a mom and I wish you the best with many thoughts and prayers!

Abbie talk to a Dr, however I was pregnant within 2weeks of my second aneurysm clipping and 4 months of the ruptured one I was fine in labour 40 odd hours had him naturally so don’t worry unnecessarily xxx