My aneurysm is 1.2mm and I am 38 weeks pregnant. I am very afraid. Does anyone have any info on this size of an aneurysm and pregnancy? I am afraid to have vaginal delivery AND a C-section. What shoul

If anyone has any info regarding this size an an aneurysm please tell me what I should know? I am very scared all day and when I look at my three year old, I begin to cry thinking what if I am not around to see him grow up. I need more answers. I am praying and believing in God, but not like I should. Partly because I am questioning in my heart why he picked me to have this. Why me? I know it could be worse and that its size is a blessing, but I am very scared inside. If some one has a story or some info that could help me understand what I am dealing with better I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. I am set to be induced Monday the 31st.

Syleena Garris

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Will you please let us know how you are....rayers are wrapped around all...

I know both size and location are important. 1.2 is fairly small. I had a 6mm clipped and have a 2.8 still sitting there untreated. I would trust in what the doctors are saying regarding treatment. More still trust in your prayers and those of others to see you through.

I had aneurysm in August and am now 18 weeks pregnant, my Dr. advised me even though my aneurysm is gone, to have C-Section and no vaginal delivery to avoid putting pressure on blood vessels. It works out ok since I've already had 2 c-sections but don't be afraid of takes a little more time to recover, but babies are worth every single minute of it! And it's really not that bad! You're lucky they found it when they did, the size is small, mine was 8mm. What made them look into this during your pregnancy?? If you trust your neurosurgeon I would just do what they say, mine is from University at Buffalo Neurosurgery and I've read a lot about him since my surgery and since he saved my life and I was able to go back home to my two children, I trust him very much!! He didn't reccommend any pushing, and for me to stay on the aspirin ( to thin the blood as I have a stent in my head), which is now MY biggest concern....having c-section on blood thinners!

Hi, I just watched the new webnar on unruptured aneurysms. They talked about that. You should watch it. The size of yours is very small. Iv’e been living with a 5mm since 08 and all 4 of my doctors consider mine small.

Hi Syleena...sending prayers your way ~ I think you should voice your concerns with your Doctors...~ only they can reassure you...~ Cyber~prayers ~ Colleen

Thinking of you. Please check in. I’m sure you are enjoying your little bundle of joy even as I type this!

I was diagnosed with 8 mm cerebral aneurysm. It was likely present at my birth. I unknowingly put it to the test with 3 vaginal deliveries over 5 years and it didn’t rupture.

Hi Sara (and others who may have stories and helpful advice to share) - my wife had a wingspan stent placed in her MCA near the ICA junction in January after a fistula embolism went awry and released some glue into her ICA and the glue plugged her MCA, leading to a stroke. She is 36 and we are thinking of having another child. She has recovered virtually all her function following the stroke (very thankful!) and her health is otherwise excellent. Our interventional neuroradiologist and neurosurgeon say they do not see significant risk having a baby since the issue leading to her stent was a one-time fistula and not something they expect to see return. They do recommend low level blood thinners (perhaps some aspirin). But we are curious if the stent itself may cause problems in pregnancy due to the increased blood volume, etc, and nobody seems to know this or have experience with this, so we're looking for any real cases. What kind of stent do you have? Did you have your baby, and hopefully everything went well? Some of the stories on this site about people who have had babies post coiling/stenting/clipping have been very encouraging, but my wife has a stent and it seems like most folks have coils or a clip. Are there others with stents that you know of that have had successful pregnancies? Any other advice to share? If we have a baby would definitely be c-section, no pushing.