Avm aneurysms

hi all,i suffered a bleed 5 yrs ago and was diagnosed with a brain AVM which i was told i was born with,im 43 yrs old and have 4 kids s it was a huge shock.I have 3 aneurysms on my brain 2 of these have been coiled and the 3rd has not been touched due to where it is.Ive had gamma knife in sheffield which was scarey and i panicked at the thought of it.But it was ok after they gave me a mild sedative to calm me down.I have been told that in time my body will reject the platinum coils that are in my brain as they are foreign bodies.I dont seem to be able to get any info on this,its worrying.I worry every day of my life in case i have another bleed,anyway thats my story in short,i look forward to speakingwith other people with aneurysms.Lynn

thanks for your input jim i feel a little better now

Hi Lynn,

Have replied on your other post but just in case you don't get it : Totally agree with Jim on that one and the fact that you can't find info on the matter is likely that its not true. And just FYI - I was told the same thing about my metal belly button piercing 15 years ago, and its still there to this day, it just hides when i sit down . tee hee .....

Best Wishes