At what age should children be scanned?

There has been discussion lately about whether or not children should be scanned. I have 7 yo twins and a 4 1/2 yo. I never had any symptoms. My aneurysm was found incidentally when I got an MRI/MRA for my migraines. The migraines were not due to my aneurysm. Is there a right age for younger children to be scanned? Does it depend on family history? After I was diagnosed, I found out my maternal uncle died of a ruptured aneurysm. It kills me to think my children might have to deal with this.

Thanks REG. My girls' have their check up in a few weeks. I will ask their pediatrician.


Terri, I think they typically scan at age 18-21, but ask your neurosurgeon. Mine wrote a Rx for my kids to be scanned because I am the third person in my family with a brain aneurysm. Unfortunately, my kids will not agree to be scanned. They are 23 and 26.

My daughter's (7 yo) had their yearly check up the other day. I told the doctor about my dx and surgery. Since they are so young, he does not think they need to be scanned just yet. However, he will monitor for any symptoms and get them scanned if there is any concern for it. My annie was found incidentally and I never experienced any symptoms. Ugh.

Are your children scared to have the scan or do they just not want to know?


I too have a family history of brain aneurysms my mother passed away from a rupture at age 66, I suffered a rupture in 2009 with multiple aneurysms being treated. My children are age 22 and 24 both were scanned at age 20 and will continue to have scans every five years for the duration of life. I need to mention that my mother was clipped in 1988 and I had my first mri in 1989 which was fine nothing noted on mri. 20 years later I ruptured, that is how I found out I had multiple brain aneurysms. I have 3 brothers all have been scanned and are fine. My nieces and nephews are being scanned as well starting at age 20, they too will be scanned every 5 years. Good luck to your families.