Screening children

I had a SAH in 2004 at age 34. It was determined to be congenital and all of my siblings were screened, now at age 41 my sister died of a brain aneurysm. Should our children be screened. If so with MRA/MRI. and starting at what age?

Absolutely your children and your sister’s children should be tested. If you go on the BAF Website and click on Early Detection and Screening ( you will find the info you are looking for. My children were tested when I was first diagnosed and they are all due to be tested again September, 2012 (5 years). My children had an MRI/MRA with contrast. They were 19, 21, and 23.

Thank you so much. I am so afraid right now. This will help a lot>

My aneurysms were found from a CT scan September of this year. CT scan booked for confusion. I called my twin, and suggested that she also have a CT or whatever her doctor suggested. Without hesitation her GP booked a MRI for her on Dec. 11th. on Dec. 19th. her GP called she also has an 5mm aneurysm. So my feeling is that it would not hurt for any of my family members including my 30 year old son, to follow up with a scan. "You don't ask you don't get" God Bless to All.

hi carolyn,

i am 42 and had my anny rupture in october of 09 at 41..with the recommendation from my nuerologist i had my 20 yr old daughter screened using mra w/contrast and when my 16 yr okd son turns 19 or 20 he will also be screened and probably every 5 yrs there on out...i hope this helps and am very sorry about your loss, do you mind me asking how long ago did she pass and was it from a rupture...from what ive researched when women reach a certain age(40ish)we start losing estrogen which causes the walls of our blood vessels to weaken,therefore, leaving them succeptable to breaks and tears...leaving women more vulnderable to an anny...early detection(screening) and listening to your body such as relentless headaches should all be looked at by a nuerologist who is aware of the family history..many prayers n much love coming your way..please keep us posted on ur families screening