Aneurysms in your kids?


I have two aneurysms that were treated with a pipeline embolism stent.

Now my son has headaches and I am concerned about aneurysms.
I’m currently discussjng this with his dr.

How common is it for kids?

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When I ruptured, Dr. Stacey Quintero-Wolfe, my Neurosurgeon, asked us to reach out to family members and let them know. I believe this was while I was a guest in Neuro ICU and my BH did all the calls. My nieces immediately told their specialists and that of their children. My great nephew’s specialist immediately did a scan as he has some issues. Fortunately he doesn’t have to add aneurysm to the list.

There are several studies linking familial traits for cerebral aneurysms that can be found with an internet search. There are also studies warning not to do CT scans on children, but to go with an MRA.

While headaches can be caused by a myriad of things, it doesn’t hurt to be cautious, IMHO.

Hoping the best for your son,

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My medical team also suggested I tell my children to request a scan from their physicians due to the tendency for aneurysms to run in families. My daughter did get a scan and is so far clear but she really had to do a hard sell to be able to get it.
Good luck. You can never be too careful.


Thank you. I think I will try and have him get an MRA Just to be safe.

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I was told by my neuro to have my older children screened for aneurysms.
My kids ages are 16,22,28 so they recommended that my 22 and 28 year old be screened.


The doctor said nothing needed to be done at the moment. Just to keep an eye out for more consistent headaches or other symptoms.

Hi Becca - My paternal aunt passed from a rupture. My doctor, knowing of my history of headaches, ordered a scan for me. Fast forward 20 years and I ruptured. My doctor almost insisted that my children get scanned. Not only did he personally review the scans, he wants them done every five years. Family history of brain aneurysms is one of the risk factors. Advocate for your son if you are concerned.


I’m sorry you and your aunt had a rupture and that your aunt passed away. I imagine that was tough for everyone.
I’m glad you are doing ok though!
I hope your kids didn’t end up with an aneurysm.
Thank you for the advice. I will definitely advocate for my kids.

Right now, they didn’t think a scan was needed but if any symptoms show up I am going to immediately demand a scan.
I’d rather be safe then sorry.

My doctor recommended that my children get scanned when they hit their late teens/early twenties. I know it can be nerve-wracking for the kids, but with aneurysms occurring in 1 in 50 people, and then having a slightly higher risk, I’ll be happy to know they are scanned and we are checking before a rupture occurs.

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