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Any issues with heat? Don't think is brain related


Hi guys,

This is most likely not brain-related.
History: 1.5 years bypass of brain aneurysm. Non-ruptured, although I did have a small leak after surgery causing a minor SAH emergency.

I am 44 and live in CO which is cool. Right now temps are around 83 degrees F. I am having the worst time with the heat, getting dizzy and nauseous.

Any ideas what this could be? I do work outside, walking dogs for a living. I think as we get older, we get sensitive to cold, not heat, right?


Believe it or not 12 years if I bend over I get light headed , I had a plate out2015 which took out my sweat gland and right after i started sweating terrible . Found a dermatologist and hit it on the nail. I was a sun worshipper and now its hard. Anything is possible , yes it does happen . Wish you luck , don’t worry to much , sweating running down your face and hair soaked is terrible . But on the bright side no more plate . Good luck and I still bend over and get light headed I guess it comes with the having our heads opened .

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Hey Trekhard
I’m in Australia, but originally from down the bottom of New Zealand. In NZ, it gets cold, VERY cold, well into the minus’. Here in Oz people may complain about the cold, but doesn’t get anywhere near NZ cold. But by the same accord here in Oz it gets HOT, VERY HOT, on occasions over 110F. These sorts of temps are unheard of in New Zealand. So I’ve experienced both very cold and very hot.

Post craniotomy both of these extremes have had extreme effects. Dizzy, nausea and headaches are a battle. Presently, at this time of year here in Oz we are heading into winter so the heat is dropping BUT I’ve just had a visitor here, as she was leaving I went outside to see her off. I was in the sun for about 10 minutes and I could feel my head heating up, I got back inside and the pounding headache started.

When we have a day of 15-25 I’m usually OK, but if I go out without a hat. BANG, I get a headache. And the same with the cold, if I don’t wrap my head up, I guaranteed within 10 minutes I’m gonna have a headache. I have to be aware and take precautions.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

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Trekhard, I’m not sure what’s causing it but stay hydrated. The hypothalamus controls our body temp.

Having worked outside in my younger days, it can be a pain to drink enough to stay hydrated and then to find a bathroom. But you have to come first.

And I have found as Merl mentioned that wearing a hat is a good thing. I now have hats for all occasions, my BF gifts me with different ball hats almost every time they go on a trip. I also have shirts that have vents in them to help with the heat. And even though my friends shake their head in wonderment, I have found the shirts with long sleeves that fly fishermen use to actually help me feel cooler. I think with the sweat the material gives that cool feeling. A bandana wet with water and tied around your neck can also help somewhat. My dad who suffered from heat stokes did it all the time when his doctor shared it,

Here’s an article that hopefully helps, but as always check with your doctor.

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Thanks Merl, very helpful.


Thanks Moltroub. You hit the nail on the head, it is hard to drink enough when I have to go into people’s homes (to get their dogs) and nowadays everyone has cameras, so I don’t want to be using their bathrooms all of the time. But I really need to for my health.


When I was a Social Worker, I knew all the convenience stores bathrooms that were clean. I’ve even used porta johns at construction sites, not to mention a tree or two in the most rural areas roflol…pick the clients you trust the most or schedule potty breaks every couple of hours. Fast food restaurants can be a bladder saver! I used to have my SW kit that included the dog poop bags and a roll of toilet paper. Never knew if I would need it, but more importantly, a client… the kids would sometimes be so upset that they would throw up. I did eventually learn to grab a couple of those bags from the ER

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