Post surgery headaches and weather

Hey guys… I haven’t yet sat down to post my story, so I’ll give a brief account here. I’m a 24 yr old who suffered a ruptured brain aneurysm late the night of February 4 2012. I was life flighted from the ER in my town to UT Southwestern Zale Lipshy in Dallas, Texas. I had my aneurysm clipped on Monday February 6 2012. I was in ICU until February 15, 2012 and discharged home the afternoon of February 17, 2012.

My neurosurgeon explained to me during my follow up March 6 2012 that when I first arrived they didn’t think I was going to make it. I’m here. Praise God. I have a sinus infection (thanks, north Texas weather) that my primary doctor is treating me for with a 10 day course of Allegra D (after the OK from my neurosurgeon since pseudoephedrine can raise blood pressure), and Augmentin.

It is looking quite cloudy out, and rain is in the forecast again. My question is, has anyone noticed more incision pain/headaches with weather changes? The other day it rained all day and my scalp was all over the place. This could be sinus related, but I didn’t get the headache until about 3 1/2 hours ago. I took an extra strength tylenol a little over an hour ago. Just resting to see if it helps any. Feels like scalp pain, and sometimes headache in my forehead.

I appreciate your responses, and thank you for your time in advance.

hi Robin-just wanted to say i had a sinus infection about a month ago,it was really painful &scary when i coughed or sneezed anf the doc gave me amoxicillan for a week which did wonders-i wonder why they didn't give you an antibiotic? maybe mine was chronic?? but i do recall an office visit with the nuerosurgeon who saved my life & i told him of the pains i had around the eyes and temple area and he agreed with me that it was probably sinus.i tried to treat my infection w a tylenol sinus equivalent since they recalled tylenol & before i could comment the pcp said that works the first couple doses- after that nada which was what i was going to tell him!Did you have severe pain upon coughing?that scared the daylights out of me since i have a shunt & coiling,if you still have issues go back to the doc & ask about amoxicillin,hope this helps,goodluck & may God Bless-ron,oh the weather was not a factor it just got worse & worse

Thank you, Ron. My pcp did actually prescribe me a ten day, twice a day course of Augmentin which is amoxicillin yesterday. Along with Allegra D for the nasal congestion part. I started the antibiotic this morning. Hopefully it helps knock some of this out. Yes, I did notice a ton of pressure on bending or laying down, and sneezing. Kind of scary, you’re right. It’s been 3 weeks, I’m ready for some relief.

Ronald - Augmentin is an anti-biotic. In fact, one of its ingredients is amoxicillin. I have been given this a long time ago, but a lot of doctors just prescribe Amoxicillin. I believe Augmentin is stronger, although it bothers some people's stomach.

Robin, I had coiling and stent in October, so I can't relate about the scalp. I do know that I feel pressure in my head, but I haven't connected it to the weather, although it's been pretty clear and dry here in MA. Hope you get to feeling a lot better soon - sinus infections are not fun, especially during warm weather, but then neither is brain surgery.

You are just out of surgery - even with coiling and stent, I didn't really feel myself for 2 months (and mine was unruptured, unlike yours)! Again, I hope you are feeling better soon and welcome to BAF.


I've had migraines for 25 years. I have an unruptured AVM & 2 clipped aneurysms. Weather changes & changes in barometric pressure often trigger my migraines.

Between the early allergy season & all of the weather issues in the past three weeks down here in the Houston area, I've had sinus headaches, migraines, & minor headaches almost daily.

oh great sounds like your on the right track that stuff really works,mine was once a day-i missed that augmentin part-probably feel 100% better in a day or so-i have never felt such pain-oh since you mentioned it i had tiny scalp zits that were real painful? all around shunt area and the doc nodded like i got ya covered, he proceeded to pop them!gross- i thought i was using the wrong kind of shampoo-wasn't requesting a popping!!!Now that's a good doctor!!he found a sore and started squezing the heck out of my scalp then exclaims It Popped!!& laughed gross-even that has subsided & thank God the med worked-thanks

Today was my first day taking it, but I took each pill with a full meal and I haven’t noticed any stomach issues. I told my family if I couldn’t take the medicine I was just going to cry. It cost me so much, even with insurance. Then I’d be extra frustrated due to it not working out, money spent, and the new antibiotic I’d have to have. Haha. If today is the indicator, I’ll be fine. I’ve been instructed to take it with yogurt too since it is strong and kills off good and bad bacteria.

It’s okay, I assumed you missed the medication part. No worries. I’ve taken Augmentin before, and it helped well and quickly. I will finish the whole dose, though. Ouch! Your scalp issues do not sound fun. One of the doctors who assisted my surgery happened to be in clinic the day I saw my neurosurgeon. He told me they were all surprised they didn’t have to place a shunt. I was born 3 months 17 days premature! Weighed 1 lb 8 oz… He told me most times they operate on someone born premature, they almost always need a shunt. Not me! God is so good!

Thank you very much. There’s a song by John Mayer where he sings “I’m in repair, I’m not together, but I’m getting there.” :slight_smile: On the days I feel good, I feel almost normal again. It just frustrates me at times when people assume I’m okay because I came out with small deficits. However, I’m sure y’all understand when I say my life will never be the same. I’m just taking it one day at a time, trying to stay positive. I know attitude is a major part of recovery. These little setbacks have knocked me down a bit, but I always get back up.

Wow, you’ve sure been through it! Talk about a survivor :slight_smile: May God bless you. Thank you for your reply. As painful as it can be, it’s reassuring to know these types of things may be part of the new norm. The weather here has a mind of its own, as I’m sure you understand. It’s taking its toll on me, and after 3 weeks of sinus issues I had to go see my doctor. When I get like this, it’s hard to tell what’s normal after surgery or if something else is going on. The headaches I had when I first came home weren’t even that bad. So I knew something was up. Luckily, even these have been mostly treatable with regular Tylenol and rest. I’m anti caffeine and I do not want to take the Norco (10/325) the neurosurgeon prescribed me unless the pain is above a 5 or keeping me from sleep at night. I’ve done pretty well. At my follow up my surgeon was honestly amazed with my recovery thus far. Ha, he told me “It’s just weird. You don’t have enough problems, you don’t have enough headaches, and you don’t take enough pain medication!” I laughed… I don’t want to become dependent on a narcotic, or any medication. Plus, I’m all medicine’d out after all the medication I took in the ICU and up on the floor my last two nights.

Robin, welcome; you are blessed with your ability to converse/correspond in this short time frame.

I ruptured, was coiled/stented; I could not have printed six words in hospital or post discharge...telling you how the weather was, or what hurt. In hospital, my aphasias were noted as "word-salad".

I do have reactions to temp change; especially cold; do not feel the sun-heat; have pressure in my head, no headaches (throb, migraine) one tender spot on my skull on the exterior side. So many other pain and discomfort issues for many of us vary from pressure, pain, temp changes, vision (including light/dark), hearing, various paralysis, aphasias and short-term to leaning memory and whatever else. We have only had a few members who have said they are completely normal and have none of the struggling many of us go through and thost that do not end in wees or months. However, others who have no symptoms post-treatment may not get involved; we have no stats on that.

You were, you are, blessed w/excellent emergency and treatment care; my comment does not mean everything is perfect for you; your blessings began w/emergency care and followed by your quality treatment. It is so warming/comforting to know that this level can, and, does occur.

Prayers for your continued recovery and for getting tremendous responses here from those with clips.


Thank you for your reply. Somedays, my scalp drives me crazy with how bad it itches. I try very hard not to scratch it. I’m glad to know it gets better. This sinus infection is no fun at all… But I am confident my medicines will work. I don’t know the gel packs you’re talking about, but I kind of have an idea in my mind. Hope you’re feeling alright!

Thank you for your response, Pat. I had a long reply typed out to you and somehow it disappeared. :frowning: Anyways, yes… I am blessed to have received such great care from the medical staff, my family, and friends all of whom have made sacrifices for me. I’m also thankful for the responses and concern on this site. It’s a great resource during a time when I feel very alone and sometimes fearful. I do trust in God, but sometimes the fear just gets to me. I know that is not how He wants me to live. He has saved me from an extremely premature birth, and this, too. Of course he has marvelous plans for my life. It’s just hard because there is so much I don’t understand, and I’m an intellectual. I will type the detailed story out when I’m on a computer again, I’m doing all of this from my phone. But I will say my mom and sister kept a journal for me so I would know what happened. The day of my surgery before I went in, I wrote and asked my mom “Are you scared?” She said yes. On the next page I wrote “I’m not, God is with me.” I have zero recollection of this, but it is my handwriting. She and my friend’s mom began to cry because of how much strength I showed. Then, on a hospital sticky note, I asked the anesthesiologist “How will this all work? I haven’t had surgery since I was premature.” Always questioning. That’s me, and part of what makes this so hard because I’m very responsible, always prepared, I had no idea I was ill, thought the headaches I got often were normal. No, they weren’t. I am thankful for this site, the support, and genuine concern. We survivors are a rare breed. It comforts me to know I’m not alone when I do feel alone. Thank you all, or y’all as I like to say. May God bless each one of you abundantly.

You’re welcome! Glad you’re doing alright. I’ve only felt lightheaded one time throughout this entire ordeal. The Sunday before this past Sunday, I felt lightheaded so I drank more and had chicken noodle soup. That feeling passed after 4 days and I haven’t felt it since. Not even while I was in the hospital. I’ve noticed my ears popping a bit, and a little sore throat at the very top of my throat. Feels like something is stuck there. I’ve been coughing up clear thick phlegm all day today. Better out than in. It’s only pill 3 of 20 for my antibiotic, so I’m giving it time to work. I hope mine clears up quickly because I’m going back to work April 2, and while I could probably work like this, I certainly don’t want to. Nor do I think I could get more time off, as it isn’t related to the surgery. The cheek swell is on the side of my surgery, but I noticed it a few weeks after coming home, and a call from my neurosurgeon’s nurse confirmed it isn’t part of the drainage from surgery making its way back down. Plus all of the sinus pressure, coughing, mucus, sneezing, knowing how bad my allergies are every spring… Sinus infection. It wasn’t clearing up with stuff I tried at home, so I finally saw my doctor again on Tuesday this week. My scalp is doing good so far today. I do have ice packs, plastic baggies, and towels I can wrap them in, and I’ll try that if I need to. Thank you. Take it easy!

I have develped Migraines since being coiled Robin...not even a scar in my head...and like clockwork...whenever there is a change in weather (drastic/ hot to cold...cold to hot, etc., or bad storms) I get a migraine up my neck and into my head...infact I have an eye that droops a bit since coiling and it really drops and hurts when weather changes...I can relate...~ Cyber~healing thoughts your way ~ Colleen

It is so strange all of the side effects of these surgeries. With as hot as it gets here, I’m a little anxious to see how I’ll tolerate this summer. Hope you’re doing well, thank you for your response, Colleen!

Robin, thanks...

We all have so much to is wonderful your mom and sister kept a journal for you.

My sisters kept notes; not in journal format...tho, Rehab, on discharge, gave me a journal...and, I have no memory of rehab, let alone a journal.

At least you would have generated a true smile from the anesthesiologist for you to think of your premature surgery experience... I loved reading that. Because you are intellectual, you may want to pursue asking questions of peers as to how many were premature and/or had other birth difficulties; then compare. Ask your neuros along the way, if prematurity may have related to cognenital aneurysm. Because of your yet youthfulness, there is a Parent Group you may want to visit with. With rupture at 24, it had to have started growng early...

There was another mother whose 21 y/o son had an aneurysm.

When you have time, share the artery/segment location of your aneurysm. For your intellectuality, secure your records, including the clinical data and get CD/DVDs of any of the radiographics, pre and post surgery. Can also secure records from your local hospital emergency; diangosis and refrral to Dallas.

You are truly blessed to be able to do what you are doing; beg of you to not fatigue returning to work; talk to your manager about beginning your return at 1/2 days; because of commute time / stress. In the "old days" I had a hystrectamy; automatically approved for six weeks full pay coverage...At 3.5 weeks, i found myself on a step-stool looking a the tops shelves of my kitchen cupboards...and, my brain was so clear, I decided to add the list of those top shelves for the housekeeper. Called the office and said I'd be back to work; the only comment wassart w/1/2 days and whatever is comfortable for you...and, don't get too tired.

You may want to write your story in time; do all your inellectual research first, as well as having a longer term recovery for that; and keep your journal updated.

There are two sides; your personal, and also the goodness you have to share with many of us who are still tripping in many directions. You have been blessed...

Hugs and prayers for your continued healing.


Hello Robin:

I too am sensitive to changes in the weather, particularly with my scar and the titanium mesh/acrylic replacement part of my skull. My scar looks like a giant question mark and, according to my surgeon, it is actually called a question mark incision. I have noticed that I can tell when a low pressure center moves through. I go for an angiogram on Monday and was going to ask my surgeon about the weather sensitivity.

Hey! Thank you for your reply, Lew! I’ve been tracking these odd little pains in relation to the weather, and I’m pretty sure they’re somehow related. What happens with your head when the pressure changes? I’ve been feeling a little light headed and nauseous on/off since yesterday, so I called my surgeon’s office to ask his nurse if it had anything to do with the surgery… She said she didn’t believe so, as I’ve also had some bowel/stomach problems causing me to lose a lot of liquid. Probably dehydrated, and that’s causing some of my lightheaded-ness. Today, I’ve been trying to rehydrate myself and just rest. Called into work, probably a smart choice and I’m now eating some chicken noodle soup while drinking Pedialyte!

Then I mentioned to her my newfound pains that seem effected by the weather and she said she hasn’t heard of that. Hmm… I’m convinced, though! The pain isn’t really bad, (headaches are) but it’s just quite odd! You’ll have to let me know what your surgeon says in regards to these scalp/headache issues related to weather. I’m interested to hear! Thank you again for your reply. I appreciate knowing I’m not the only one :slight_smile: