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I’ve been found to have a 11 -12 mm at the bifurcation of the MCA. I had an MRI and MRA in December, and an angiogram last week that confirmed it. I’ve been referred to Dr. Rafael Tamargo, a neurosurgeon at Johns Hopkins. I’m waiting to hear from his office to schedule a consultation with him. If I interpreted what the radiologist told me correctly, coiling won’t be an option for me. I’m terrified, but doing my best to remain calm with daily meditation and yoga classes. I feel perfectly fine and I’m having a hard time coming to terms with the fact that I’ve got a time bomb in my head.

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Welcome to BAFsupport! These things are enough to frighten anybody to bits so it’s perfectly normal to feel as you do, though it sounds like you’re doing really well dealing with the shock.

Johns Hopkins is world famous, so I think you’re in great hands.

If you’ve got any questions, just let us know. It’s what we’re here for.

Very best wishes,


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Welcome @MaryZPA
It’s a terrifying thing to learn that you have an aneurysm. I think you are doing all the right things, trying to keep calm and reduce your anxiety. Here are many people with different stories about their experience with aneurysms. I hope you can find some strength in reading what others have gone through. I wish you all the best and get back to us to chat when you need to.


Welcome @MaryZPA I am happy to read that you have skills to deal with the apprehension of having an aneurysm discovered, it’s very important we learn what works for us. I have a multi lobed aneurysm at the LICA bifurcation and was able to have a Neuroform Atlas Stent used 13 months ago along with more coils. From what my Neurosurgeon said, this type of stent works really well for bifurcations, perhaps it can be something Dr. Tamargo will be able to consider. Make sure you have your list of questions written down for your visit, it’s one of the things I’ve found that really helps, another is to ask for a translation to layman’s terms when they start speaking in medical terminology. I can remember that “squiggly” means tortuous and other fun words mine will use when I ask.

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Sorry this has happened but I can assure you Dr. Tamargo is the BEST! He clipped my aneurysm three years ago this month and I’ve been fine and without any side affects since. Stay positive and try not to find things wrong. It’s easier to say than do, but you are in great hands. Hang in there!


That’s so encouraging. Thank you!

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Don’t think of it as a bomb in your head, it’s more like a unless ex husband that you will soon be rid off.


:rofl::rofl::rofl:. I’m still laughing!

I just hope he doesn’t fly into a rage before I can get him dealt with.

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Tell him under no uncertain terms to remain calm and breathe!

He can be so damned unpredictable, though!

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Let us know when you get the consult, please!

Thank you. It’s scheduled for the 31st.

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Not to far off then, which is really fantastic! I’ll keep you 8n my thoughts for sure.

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